Thursday, September 24, 2009

Speaking of cupcakes....

......all you cupcake gals; Alicia, Jess, Julie, need all this from Johnny Cupcakes!
Plus it's one of my most favorite put together sites! It's way cute!

I love it all! ;)Pin It


cupcake cutie said...

omg i do need it.
esp the shirt, i need it now. i'd wanna wear it everyday though. but still..i'm going to go look at the site now.
thanks for the shout out! hehehe
cuteeee :)

thereddeer said...

Yes I think you are right - I need it all. I LOVE that shirt and I want it!

carly. said...

those tees would be cuter if they said "i bake on the first date"

ElizabethJane. said...

Ah! Love it :)
Cupcakes AND Vampires?
Can't go wrong there :)

apparentlyjessy said...

I have been wanting something anything from Johnny Cupcakes for a while, I love his logo. The latest backpack is SO cool!