Tuesday, September 8, 2009

swim'n with the fish

It may be Fall, but I live in Florida, so there's no such thing! Some times this bums me out, especially since Halloween is my most favorite holiday. But I can go to the beach til Nov. here, so I'm ok with no leaves turning or fires in the fireplace.

You can laugh :) I know I look very silly! I saw some pretty amazing stuff! Look at the reef and fish below!
My weekend was filled with lots and lots of cleaning, so this was my little break! I kept lots of sunscreen on, but my back is red and that is a bummer! I was tattooed recently and probably I should have put more sunscreen on it, because it is super sore. whompwhomp
Oh but in COMPLETELY awesome news The Office, season 5 is out, and guess who has it! ME!
In super busy, need more time in the day news, I made a list of alllllllll the things I'm needing to do in the next few weeks, and I feel like it's never ending! Monster hoodies, stacks of fabric, Nanny's birthday gift (an embroidered yellow rose tattoo), just a bunch of stuff. I'd like a second 3 day vacation please, starting ......now!!!!
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India Daisy said...

...and you complaining? If i could have summer most of the year i would be smiling ear to ear Becky...SA winters get really cold!

thereddeer said...

Lovely reef - looks very pretty.

Sounds like you have a lot going on at the moment - busy, busy, busy!

Anonymous said...

I love SCRUBABECKY and The office!

daNgo said...

Yaaaay cleaaaaaning!