Thursday, October 1, 2009

grrrrr granny squares!

Lil Ms. Molly came over last night so we could learn to crochet granny squares. We watched the tutorials, and 2 1/2 hours later we still didn't have a square. We totally mastered the first knot and then the 3 lil loopies, but once you have to go through the circle - chaos! 

Mickey kept trying to play with the yarn!
We gave up for the night, but before that we called my Nanny. Of course a Nanny would know granny squares, so next week she's gonna teach us! 
I made a granny circle - whomp whomp! 
I've heard people say crocheting is easier than knitting - they lie! 
My RVA class is making a granny square clutch, which is super cute, so I need to learn to crochet!
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Katja said...

ok, so now i see what's with your circle xD

so you know, you crochet 4 sc in the first chain and then do the ring. that seemed to be done right.
and then 3 doublecrochets into the ring. also seemed to be done right. and then 2 single-crochet. and then 3 dc into the ring. repeat twice. then 2 dc and the last one will be a single crochet decrease which means it's not done like the other ones but a sort of single crochet to the first chain you did.... ah, don't know how to explain it right :(

to me, it looks like you forgot the "2 SINGLE CROCHET" after the 3 double crochets.... try it ;) the holes will come magically then.

let me know, if it didn't work. i will post a video tutorial on that if you want to


Carrie said...

I want to learn how to do granny square too. I can crochet scarves that is about it. Good luck!

chelseybell. said...

dude, it took me DAYS to figure out those you tube tutorials. I'm kinda getting it down, but it still turns out with rounded edges :(.

we'll figure it out someday!

Becky said...

Katja, Thank you! Will you do alil video? That would be wonderful!

Carrie, I bet you could do this then! Try, I wanna see :)

Chelsey, lol at least yours look like squares :) I do have faith in us though! Oh and a ps to you - you inspired me to start embroidering again, when I first started following your blog you embroidered all the time and they are amazing!!! : p and I rarely use the word inspired lol

Jenny S said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my little blog :)

I learnt how to do my granny squares from the Stitch and Bitch Happy Hooker book. It is amazing!! Really clear and easy to follow. You should give it go...


India Daisy said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! I just laughed when i read this!
Good luck...

Laurie Anne said...

Learning to crochet is on my bucket list. Seasoned crocheters make it look so easy!!! I like your crochet circle :) Keep at it!

thereddeer said...

Go nanny! I bet you she is a master at it - it will be so much easier when you have someone to show you first hand.