Thursday, October 22, 2009

Past Halloweens

Here's my wonderful family in 2007, we called this Oz Fest! What good sports they are!
Here is a picture where I asked everyone to frown, and they did! Daniel (bud/coworker/graphic designer) photoshopped us into the Farley Family -dundundun! 
Click on the photos to view up close!
And last year we were circus freaks! This was a poster I made in photoshop. 
What has your favorite costume been up til now? Mine was NOT being the half man half lady last year for the circus freak show! ;)
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GraphXGrrl said...

That poster rocks!!! Your family is cool. :)

carly. said...

photos from last year?? i wanna see the circus freaks! also, wizard of oz...very cute!! favourite halloween costume thus far, well...its probably going to be this years to be honest. i also really liked when i was sally from nightmare before christmas...oh and last year i was a 50s housewife.

you've inspired me to make a halloween post!! yay.

Carrie said...

how cool I just love Halloween!

apparentlyjessy said...

That's pretty darn cool Becky, I look forward to seeing pic's from this year!

thereddeer said...

Love the poster :) - can't wait to see pics of your family this year.