Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trial and Error

I got daring and sorta crocheted a circle! I found this tutorial and just LOVED them! Even though the direction aren't completely in English you get the gist of it! My mistake was I made 13 rows in the middle part and you were only suppose to do 12, so mine twists up instead of laying flat.  Trial and error right!?
Next, the giant granny! It's coming along ok. I started it with crappy yarn (stiff and itchy), because it was a practice, but now I want to finish it. My lil fingers are sore from crocheting. How's everyone's crocheting going? Sore fingers too? Comment with links to your creations, I want to see them!
Amanda, the fancy lady, made me this creepy cute hair bow for Halloween! I love it and thought 
you all would too! Visit her blog and etsy
Have a very wonderful day everyone!
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The Fancy Lady said...

aww it looks so cute on you just as i thought thanks for posting it

-heather- said...

My crochet is going. I'm making a crapton of baby hats for some reason. I'm trying to get them into some stores. Other than that my granny blanket is on hold right now & it really makes me sad. I want to get back to work on it!! I'm still dealing with a lot of trail and error, so no worries. I think I'll always have to, because I halfway read patterns. eh, oh well!
your big granny could always be a cushion cover :) recently I got two pillows from Jo-Ann fabirc to do just that.. crochet up some decor for my little living room... and yours would work!! or it could be a wall hanging. :P itchy yarn is the pits though.

lolo sr said...

several things:
1) under andreas bday post someone said "enjoy the day!" can you name what movie that is from?
2) buy a plane ticket
3) do you really go in my nasty closet and find old clothes that i left at home? lol
4)i wore shiny silver penny loafers today and lots of people stared at them
5) i had a small awkward unplanned croissant breakfast with my supervisor bc no one told us that the kids from our 1st school are on fall break. her shirt was on inside-out. i didnt tell her.
6) i got a parking ticket for parking in the wrong direction yesterday. for $11. nashville thinks its a deed restricted community or something
7) anna nicole smith was definitely funnier than marilyn monroe. marilyn's overrated
8) how is frumplestiltskin?

chelseybell. said...

my fingers always hurt if i go at crocheting for a good amount of time.

your giant granny is the best. i'm terrified of tackling it myself, but i still want to.

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

I love that bow - so cute!

PaisleyJade said...

Those are awesome!!

betty | said...

are you a member of yet?