Friday, October 2, 2009

Love Notes & Thank You Notes

To my little brother, who I love oh so much:
Here is a ship to add to your collection! 
Danny comes home this weekend from Tallahassee - thank goodness, I miss him! Now Lauren, it's your turn, hurry home lil sis!

Thank you note to my two wonderful aunts, Jenny & Adrienne!
They gave me these glasses, vase, and sugar bowl as a thank you for always doing projects with the kids, but no thank you needed! Those kids are my sunshine! But the glasses are nice too ;)
Both aunts love to collect antiques, and it's fun to listen to them chat about different pieces from different time periods, etc. They know so much about vintage items. I told my one aunt about etsy, because she has a closet full of goodies. Thank you guys again!
And last, but not least thank you all! Thank you for visiting Strumpet's Crumpets everyday and leaving wonderfully sweet comments, craft advise, and interesting side notes ;)
I love that with these craft blogs, everyone praises each other and builds each other up! 
We need more of that in real life! 
Also, I mentioned in Sept. I'm going to have a giveaway for you all!
 I'll have it all ready for you Monday! Have a super wonderful weekend!
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chelseybell. said...

I love the pirate ship, and your glasses are so pretty! The color is great!

the positive atmosphere of all these craft blogs is what made me want to be a part of it--it wasn't like other sites and blogs where everyone is putting each other down and being negative. it's friendly and always finds a bright side. i'm glad i've gotten to "know" you through it!

GraphXGrrl said...

Here here!

chelseybell. said...

aw, you're a sweetheart.

and about the colors: once we figure out how to actually do the granny squares, we'll have twin(ish) blankets.

Katja said...

family is the best, right?! :D

and i actually came here to tell you, my granny squares tutorial is online. :) check my blog, i hope, you will succeeeeeeeeeed now <3

Sweet Escape said...

those glasses and vase are so pretty!!!~i love the color!!!

thereddeer said...

The pirate ship is so cool! I love those glasses - such a pretty colour.

Carrie said...

the glasses are great! Also I love your hat too cute!

Laurie Anne said...

Your stitched ship is wonderful! he's going to love it! I love that pitcher and glass set...lovely colour reminds me of the beach glass I collect.

Euphoria said...

You are an embroidery master!! Love this one!!!

Super cute pic of Mickey to the right, next to the Micky cookie jar!! LOVE IT!