Thursday, October 22, 2009

So wonderful!

This amazing tote is from Jessy! 
We did a swap, and she made mine so personalized! I was sooo impressed! The tote itself is beautiful with a little blonde felt mermaid, because I do love mermaids. ;)
The fabric on the inside of the tote has oranges! She's so clever - because I'm a Florida gal. Florida is best known for it's oranges! 
My most FAVORITE was the "Becky loves Mickey 4eva" stitched into the little bag! Jessy you are just too sweet! This is so perfect! Thank you so much!
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The Fancy Lady said...

this is adorable i love it does she have a shop?

Molly Le Blanc said...

Wow that is super super cute! Does she sell those bags because she should - looks like that takes a lot of time! She did great for you Beck.

chelseybell. said...

how cute is that!?! i love it.

Carrie said...

how cool I love it!

carly. said...

wow!! looks sooo nice. lots of work put into it for sure.


Laurie Anne said...

Wow! what a great tote! Jessy did a great job and it's so sweet that she personalized it for you :D
I LOVE mermaids too! Have you seen the my Tattoo pic on my blog?

Thanks for showing us! x

thereddeer said...

Very nice - aren't you a lucky gal!

Becky said...

Laurie Anne, you have a mermaid tattoo? Me too!!!

I'm gonna take a peek at yours now!

apparentlyjessy said...

You are most welcome! I'm so so so glad you liked it Becky, I do try and make my swaps as personal as I can! :)
I look forward to receiving yours, I am certain it isn't far away now!