Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Do any of you wonderful crafty guys and girls know if there are any craft festivals in Tennessee or on the way from Tennessee to Florida this weekend? Confusing? Sorry - I'm visiting my sister, Lauren, up in Nashville this weekend, and was curious if there's any craft festivals on the way home! And if you know of any good tattooers up there in Nashville? Let me know! 
I know there is a Hobby Lobby in Nashville - yay! What else? Any ideas?

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chelseybell. said...

if that picture is of all your yarn, then i am one jealous lady--such pretty colors!

i'm not familiar with the nashville area, so i don't have any good suggestions--but, i do hope you have fun visiting your sister!

danny said...

no tattoing please

Becky said...

:) si chelsey, it's mine! I got some on sale over the weekend for Christmas gifts. This is the year of the afgan lol if you're ever in Tampa come make granny squares w me!! After you taught yourself, it got me stoked to learn! Now all I want to do is crochet :)

Danno- I can't make any promises ;)

Emilie Lynne said...

Yay, tattoos! Be sure to post pictures if/when you get more :) The ones you have already are brilliant. I love tattoos!

Molly Le Blanc said...

I think you should DEFINITELY go here - love the site :)

carly. said...

there are never any cool craft festivals where i'm from either! luckily i get lots of mail, which makes up for it...kinda!

i got my stache keychain today! so cute!! i loved your paper you used to write the note as well.

also, i wanted to let you know that my cousin and i's etsy shop is almost done and i was TOTALLY inspired by the dunny plushy that you made me with a few of the designs! all credit for that design goes to you ;)