Monday, December 21, 2009

Farley Family Fun - FFF

Thank you again Heather! Robbie's fox hat made it just in time! He loved it, and his mom loved it even more! That's lots of Fox kids so watch out!
Lauren drove home from Nashville over the weekend, and we were obviously all stoked to see her! Here's a Lauren sandwich! Plus the Fox boys opened their gifts since we won't see them on Christmas. And we ate and ate and ate!
We had Cookie Day 2009 + crafting! I have 55 granny square completed and 15 to finish, then fingers crossed the blanket will be ready for Christmas!
Robbie made everyone a god's eye out of yarn! We made even more on cookie day out of sticks from the yarn (no popsicle sticks in the house).
It was a wonderful weekend! To me, Cookie Day is sometimes better than Christmas - I'm not sure what it is! Everyone was over eating, playing wii, baking, crafting - just having fun! What traditions do you all celebrate?  

ps - amber we missed you!
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Carrie said...

sounds like a great day!


Tailored Trash Queen said...

I am lovin your hair!!!! What a great color!!!! Sounds like you had a blast and the fox hat is just too cute.

Alexa said...

Your granny squares look so great! And that fox hat is seriosuly cool.

amber said...

AAAHH I missed you guys too! I'm so sad I couldn't be there for cookie day this year :( sounds like you guys made delicious treats though...I just might have to stop by and steal some if you guys still have leftovers :)

boots said...

i love that fox hat! and looks like your well on your way to that blanket!
xoxo, katie