Monday, December 7, 2009

Feeling Festive

Look at my new Krunk-a-Klaus Dunny! Very festive right!?
Over the weekend I began to get excited about Christmas! I put up my grandma's Christmas tree with her and began the long list of Christmas gifts I'm making.
Here's one of them! I have about 28 granny squares completed, and now I just need to make 50 more! Do any of you have a good tutorial on how to connect them? I'm using brown yarn in between, but I'm not sure how to do it. So comment if you know pretty please!
Mickey thinks he must lay or sit on any quilt or blanket I'm making! Crazy pup!
Are you all feeling festive yet? What projects are you working on?
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JenCoen said...

I just learned how to crochet this weekend... loves it!!
And Yes, feeling suuuuper festive!!

Jenny S said...

My dog is the same! If he sees a granny square, he has to sit on it... bizzare :)

Someone sent me these links for joining the squares when I started my blanket. Hope they help!

How to sew:

How to crochet:


Laurie Anne said...

Puppy has that look on it's know the one that says "how come you're always makin stuff for others but never for me?"
LOl... xx

Becky said...

Jen- How awesome your weekend looked!!! I can't wait to see your crocheting skills ;)

Jenny - I love your granny square blanket so far - it's really beautiful! I love how you did them all the same color but all different! Perfect! I check your blog often to see the progress! Thank you for the tutorials!!

Laurie Anne - I know right!? But I am going to attempt a dog bed - we'll see lol

chelseybell. said...

LOVE the dunny-so cute!!

and all of your grannys look amazing--i love all of the colors!!

The Fancy Lady said...

im trying to feel festive but everybody i know has been so grumpy and holiday hating its hard.
thank you again for the stache giveaway goodies i put my key chain on right away lol

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

Love the new dunny! Good luck with your blanket :)

S and O said...

awww your pup is so cute!
love your little decorations, the Santa pirate is my fave!

Jacque said...

AWWWW Mickey is so cute! I love this pic of him standing on your granny squares! Adorable!! I'm also crocheting up a storm in order to finish all my christmas presents!

During Winter said...

i love the first photo! lol.

Sweet Escape said...

love your christmas dunny!..he's so cute!!..and man!!,,check you out with those granny squares!!!..geez, i wish i had knitting skillz!!

Betty said...

the christmas dunny is so cute!

Becky said...

Thank you girlies!

-heather- said...

ATTIC 24!! she's the BEST EVER!

Emily D. said...

My dog gets in the way of my projects too. She loves to cuddle, especially with her head on my arm. She tries to push my arm down so I can't embroider. I tried my hand at granny squares too. I think I made about 10. I think I'm too impatient, embroidering is a little faster.