Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Merry Christmas

heavy photo ;)
I got to official give my brother his crocheted blanket! 
The 5 of us open our gifts to one another on Christmas Eve, because no one in the family is really a morning person, so this prevents grumpiness and crankiness on Christmas. Plus you can then sleep in on Christmas morning - it's perfect!
Danny's wallet from Urban - it was on his wish list!
My dad & Lauren looking tough and precious all at once!
The granny square blanket wasn't finished for Christmas, but I did learn to connect them! Fingers crossed it will be finished by the end of the week!
Mickey was looking festive. 
My mom gave me a FurReal toy pig - she thought it was odd. Mostly it was to mess with Mickey. The little pig oinks and moves. My lil cousin, Robbie got a RC toy tarantula! I asked for it last year, but my mom didn't think I was serious. Thank you for taking the toy pig matter seriously this year Mags! 
My very best friend, Kris came down for a post Christmas Wedding Shower for her Auntie Lin. Kris, her mom Peggy, and I threw Auntie Lin the shower! The cake was from Let Them Eat Cake in South Tampa, and all the other food was from Whole Foods. Everything was decorated in red and white - so pretty!  
The white frosting on the cake is the design on Auntie Lin's wedding dress! Kris' mom's idea!
Kristin and I made these little red velvet hearts! I never knew you had to use 2 full bottles of red food dye to make red velvet cake - don't give these to any hyper active kiddos!
That's my Christmas! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas too! What was your favorite gift you gave and what was your most favorite gift you received? 
Obviously mine was the FurReal pig ;) 
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Carrie said...

great pictures the blanket turned out great!

GraphXGrrl said...

That looks like a wonderful Christmas indeed!....And is Mickey a Twilight vampire? b/c I'm pretty sure he looks sparkley there. ;)

Shani said...

We got your cute lil XMas card! Thank you so much! I hope you had an awesome XMas. <3

Mags said...

You are welcome Becky! I love you, Mom

Allison Drew said...

It looks like you had a FANTASTIC Christmas!

Anonymous said...

U should get another Xmas gift in the mail by Friday! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

U should get another Xmas gift in the mail by Friday! Love ya!

Laurie Anne said...

Love the crochet blanket! It turned out great. I have never made red velvet cake and have always wondered what made them so red!

Molly Le Blanc said...

I love everything!! Everything! Especially that heart wooden spoon :)

dannny said...

thanks for the blanket sister :) its gona keep me nice and warm in home soon from you0