Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hearts & Crafts

I heart thread from paper sparrow's flickr! So pretty!
Ashley Ann over at Hot Butter made this love bullet pouch. I loved it so much I got two, one for my sister Lauren and one for me! This is for cupid 2010 version, who needs a bow and arrow?
Lauren be stoked :) and thank you Ashley for making them! 
Here are some images from, I like this site, but I'm not gonna lie it drives me nuts -it's sooooooo slow! 

have a lovely evening everyone :)
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chelseybell. said...

oh i know!! soooo slow!

love the pouch! so cute!

amber stackle said...

ummm I really want to do that with my paperclips! haha. But I never really use them..hmmm maybe I'll have to start. Oh and I can't wait to see how your nesting dolls turn out! :)

carly. said...

awww that pouch is super cute!! and i love love love your title...hearts and crafts!! how hasn't anyone else never thought of that? ooooor they probably have but not me. i've never heard it!!

also. glad it's not just my internet...i thought weheartit was slow just for me!! SO slow hey?

Sweet Escape said...

are you serious??,,that pouch is so freaking awesome!!,,i see why you had to get two!!! love it!!!

Heather said...

The slowness has been my big concern, too. Frustrating, but I always wind up with gorgeous results.

Cat said...

*gasp* I love them!


Anonymous said...

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rosie! ♥ said...

hi becky!

i know carly looves you so you must be a super great gal! and i would like to get to you know you a bit better and alsoo, send you a valentines! could i get your addy?

Lindsay said...

I love the pouch, it's too cute. Of course the button heart is oh em gee my fav!!!!!! love all the pics!

cuteseas said...

cute pouch!!! i hate how weheartit is super slow too :( you would think they would do something about it already!

if i read correctly, i believe your birthday is coming up soon? i'm a big bday person too haha i hope you have a great one!

lolo sr said...

woooo! i ordered your birthday present! lalalalala....i'm sao excited about that pouch!

ew take down that anonymous post...who do they think they are?

i'm gonna dye my own hair on friday after school in case things go terribly wrong and i have to get it fixed this weekend...i only learn from mistakes

cait said...

I can't wait to go home and bend all my paper clips into hearts hehe
Thanks for sharing, super cute :)
love cait xo