Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today I pre-ordered the next Sookie book! Probably I could just go to the store in May and buy it, but Amazon gives you a discount on pre-orders and sometimes I just can't WAIT- like a kid. So now I'm all pumped about Sookie, only I have to wait 5 long months!
So while we patiently wait, here are some vamper items and photos for you!  I love this True Blood Garnet Ring by Idle Hands Design on etsy! My birth stone is garnet ps ;)
I love this photo of the vamper gal!
How cute is this!? I found it on!
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Lindsay said...

Thank you for leaving me a sweet comment on my blog! Your blog is adorable! New Follower!! True Blood is awesome!! Hope we become great friends!

Laurie Anne said...

Oooo....Love the coffin garnet ring! Very Kool! And your new profile pic is adorable :)
Thank you for always being such a sweetheart.

chelseybell. said...

oh man, right after i leave you this comment i'll be surfing over to amazon and probably spend a few minutes trying to talk myself out of buying it--but then i will :).

the count cupcake photo is my fave!

Carrie said...

I really want to read these books but I can't find them anywhere I around where I live I guess I need to check out Amazon!

Love the ring and the cupcake :D

chelseybell. said...

yeah, totally pre-ordered it :).

Cat said...

LOVE the cupcake!! :)


-heather- said...

vamper is so cute!
i have to say, friend.. garnet is a GREAT birthstone to have. only the cools ones have it, like us! ;)
happy birthday sometime this month!

Curlywiggles said...

i love Sookie books! i have only let myself read up to book 7 as book 9 isn't out on paperback here until May i think. So i'm saving book 8 for right before i can get my hands on 9. i recently picked up the short stories though i haven't read them yet.

Christine said...

Thank you Becky!wow, you realy made my day just now:) but the real question is, why haven't I heard about the sookie books? I-must-read!

Becky said...

Chelsey - you crack me up! :) did you like the short stories book? It was ok - not great!

Everyone else, Thank you for your sweet comments ;) READ THE SOOKIE books!

GraphXGrrl said...

haha, love the Count Cupcake!

Ashley Ann said...

Ooh! I can't wait for new Sookie!

I don't like that the books are so short. It's like I wait forever for a book that I read in a few hours.