Friday, February 5, 2010

Be Mine

I ordered some vintage Valentine cards from!
 This is my favorite valentine card of course!
Here they all are!
But there's only 10, so I'm going to scan them all and make postcards! I'll show you the finished product shortly! I'd love to send valentines out to you all, so email me your address!
Over at Crafty Minx, Dana has this very adorable deer valentine you can use for embroidery! I want to find a squirrel one for my brother. If any of you know of a vintage squirrel Valentine send it my way! Here is a flickr link for Vintage Valentines!
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-heather- said...

SO CUTE!!!!! My mom in law gave me some vintage cherebs that look alot like these!!
i would LOVE a valentine! i'll email you my address :)

euphoria said...

these are super duper cute!!

Giggly said...

Cute Valentine embroidery pattern! I adore vintage Valentine's!

Laurie Anne said...

I'm loving those vintage valentines! They don't make them like that anymore :)

thank you for the embroidery pattern link...I know just what I am going to do with it! xx

boots said...

i just got some too! i love them!
my favorite has a duck with a bag over its head that says "i can't face it if you wont be my valentine " CLASSIC!

Jenny said...

I have those! I bought them a few years ago at Urban Outfitters. And I just bought these at Barnes and Noble for only $4.99
They even come with the envelopes to make!

Cat said...

I would love to swap Valentine's with you. I couldn't find your email on your blog though. Here is mine:


chelseybell. said...

i love the vintage valentines--they're precious!

and thanks for linking the embroidery pattern!

"squirrel valentine" is in my google search box right now, waiting to be entered. so, if i stumble upon anything i'll be sure to pass it along!

craftyminx said...

aw thank you new friend! :) The animal I'm posting tonight could be altered to look like a squirrel... maybe... if you have artsy skills.

Amber said...

Oh...I am so going to use the deer embroidery!It is so cute! Have a great weekend.