Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Call me crazy.....

...but I love this little pup so much! 
I never thought I would be one of those crazy dog people, but guess what I am! He's the goofiest, happiest, chubbiest pup ever! For being so small (13lbs) he has the biggest personality! So to take crazy a step farther I asked Silje to do a painting of Mickey! I'm so excited about it! Of course I'll post it once she's finished! She can make one for you too, email her
Katie at Skunkboy Creatures hosted a craft swap, and my very awesome swap partner, Erica made me this embroidered Mickey! Erica and I emailed back and forth about our interests, favorite colors, etc., oh and pups! I love this Oh Mickey so much, it's perfect! 
Thank you again Erica!
Here's some more Mickey fan art! 
I bought this cookie jar at a thrift store because I instantly thought MICKEY!
Then one day I took a bunch of old photos and photoshopped Mickey's head on them, just for fun :) 
Jessy and I did a swap last year, and she embroidered this "Becky loves Mickey 4eva!" It cracked me up! I love it so much! 
Here is a FrankenMickey I made as a postcard for Halloween! And a shrinky dinky of Mickey!

A customer at work made this Mickey mousepad for me! 
Saving the best for last, Karla at Itsy Bitsy Spider made an amigurumi Mickey! She did such an amazing job! I loved doing all these swaps and meeting these very crafty gals!
So, yes I'm a bit obnoxious about my lil Mickey Boo! He loves trips in the car, he knows "wanna go to starbucks?" and I feed him way too many treats! I refuse to take him to a groomer because I think he'll be terrified, so I cut his messy hair with quilting scissors. He's very precious to me! On my flickr, the Puppy love set has the most pictures of all the sets :) 
Ok, so that's the craziest thing about me......I'm pretty sure!
So who else is crazy about their pup? Or kitty cat?
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Amber said...

Mickey is soooo cute! I am thinking I want Silje to do a picture of my cat Boomer...if she will do cats. I know you aren't a cat person but I love all of my kitties just as much. I look forward to them all greeting me when I get home from work. I also love that they follow me from room to room just waiting for me to sit down so they can climb up on my lap and fall asleep. Oh the life!

Laurie Anne said...

I have two I feel your love!
I mean how many people do you know make their own doggie treats from scratch?? :)
I'm including the link to my recent treat recipe in case you want to make some for Mickey. XOX

paperpocket said...

ha, that mouse mat is awesome! Soon Mickey is going to be a complete celebrity.


Dana said...

I'm so glad you stopped by my blog because your's is super cute! I'll be adding you to my ever increasing blog reader :)

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

Hi Becky -- you and Mickey are first on my list for the Sunshine award :-)

I BLEED PINK said...

I am the same way about my Loco, so let'em call us Crazy, at least were loved by our Fur Babies!!

Carrie said...

so cute I am that way about my puppies too :) I love the halloween pic

Lindsay said...

awww your puppers is so cute!!!!!!! Cant wait to see the painting!!

carly. said...

i can't wait to meet the little cutie one day. hopefully sooner rather than later!

carly. said...

i can't wait to meet the little cutie one day. hopefully sooner rather than later!

Alexandra Mason said...

Mickey is gorgeous and i love all your swap gifts...i'm that way about my puppy too, i still try to carry her around even though she is nearly bigger than me now xx

apparentlyjessy said...

As soon as I saw Silje's portrait of Catalina on Janel's blog I emailed her to do one of my kitty Týr! I love that you got one of Mickey too, I saw it on her Flickr, it looks just like him!
I completely understand the love you feel for Mickey. I think pets are such an important and enriching factor in peoples lives, I feel sorry for those that don't own a pet!
Hehe, I love the pic of FrankenMickey! He is just the cutest pup :)

GraphXGrrl said...


erica1228 said...

awe, as you know... i love, love, love my pup too! i don't know what life would be like without him. I'm glad we share the same crazy (:

laoose said...

lolzzz you have a mickey obsesh!hes da kyoooootest! my fav is the "oh mickey" sewn into the circle thing tre adorable!