Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Wednesday!

Today is a very good day! 
Last night I worked on a sugar skull that I am making especially for Alexz over at Bird Trouble.
We are doing a craft swap together. She asked for a Sugar Skull on white fabric with red thread! I really like the way it is turning out and may have to make one for myself!
She makes the cutest clutches and wallets! Well everything in her etsy shop is wonderful! 
Go look for yourself! Here is her newest addition: "Everything will be okay" pillow, because it will be okay! 
Speaking of swaps, The Great Granny Square Swap is underway! There's 22 ladies total! If you are in in this swap leave a comment with your blog or flickr link please!

Have a very great day everyone!
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christinaalessi said...

Hi Becky!
I'm a fellow granny swapper.
(That sounds... um...)

I love your blog - and your dog.
Also, Your sugar skulls are fantastic! Is this your own design? Sugar skulls are an obsession of mine, as is embroidery!


I have a site here:

jelly said...

i LOVE the sugar skull.


Megan Renee. said...

Aw! I absolutely love the Sugar Skull, you're so talented!...beyond talented! haha :)
I love the pillow too, I need something like that haha.

Lindsay said...

Oh I really like the red and white together!! so pretty! I love the quote on the pillow too!

carly. said...

when i come to florida, i want you to teach me how to embroider okay? i really really really want to learn!

carly. said...

also...just to let you know, i tried adding the newest of your little widgets...the one underneath 'SHARE' and it shows up the same as the all green one...??

elledee said...

very pretty! i like the scull!

Becky said...

Thanks ladies ;)

And thank you Carly!!! I fixed it! Try now!

Giggly said...

Yay! I'm working on a swap too! I love the sugar skull embroidery!

lolo sr said...


chelseybell. said...

the sugar skull in red on white looks AMAZING. add hearts and cutesy stuff, and sell them next valentines day!

Bird Trouble said...

AHHH im so excited! it looks great! thanks for blogging about me. :) :) :)

sdillondesign said...

the skull is awesome. i wish I was better with embroidery. you rock it!

my blog, hope you stop by :)

happy granny square making, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with.