Thursday, February 11, 2010

Heart Crayons

Valentine Heart Crayons DIY
Hello Everyone! Here is a DIY Valentine project!
This is perfect for moms who have to send valentines to school with their little ones, but don't like all the red dye no. 5! Or teachers or awesome aunts, whatever!

I had these heart candy molds, which you can buy at Michael's for pretty cheap. You'll need a bunch of crayons and you'll have to peel them all.

The peeling is the crappy part, but it will go pretty quick.
I broke them in half to get the paper off quicker and made a mess.

I didn't spray the pan with anything, but I bet it would help. Mine popped out super easy once they were cool, but Pam or any cooking spray would help. I mixed the colors, crossing my fingers they wouldn't turn into a brown blob!

No brown blobs! They mixed perfect! Here they are just out of the oven! Oh the oven needs to be 200 degrees and you leave them in for 10 minutes. Let me cool for 45 minutes or stick them
in the freezer or frig to cool quicker.
Once they were cool I put them in plastic bags and printed out a Valentine card, which I stapled all together. Tada!

If you have any questions that I didn't answer here just leave a comment or email me at becksorange at gmail dot com!

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jelly said...

What a clever idea!
love it.

Laurie Anne said...

You are such a crafty DIVA! I love this...wonder if I can still pull these off for my nephews and neices in time for Sunday :) TY! x

Caketin said...

Very cute - great idea :)

Megan Renee. said...

Oh my gosh! I absolutely love love loveeee this idea! I've been needing something quick & fun like this, and Scarlett (my 14th month old) can totally help peal off the wrappers! haha this is great,
thanks! :)

iamahoneybee said...

cute idea!!! I have this pan too. So much fun.

Allison Drew said...

Best idea! I want to make them all for myself.

Molly Le Blanc said...

That is so fun!! So when they're done do you use them as a crayon or as decoration??

Amber said...

You are so crafty!! I swear! Great idea!
I haven't forgot about your little goody I am sending you. I am just finishing it up!! Soon!!!
Have a great Valentines Day!

boots said...

oh awesome thanks so much- my sissy just made some of these crayons this week! crazy! well i hope you have an awesome valentines- i think i might be getting a surprise snowboard trip- i guess if i already know its not really a surprise . boo.

Cat said...

This is such a cute idea! I'm going to write it down to do for my daughter next year! Thanks for sharing!


lolo sr said...

I thought you bought these when you texted me the picture last night! that's so crazy! I love them! Are they for all the cousins?

Becky said...

Thank you everyone!! Make them tonight you totally have time!

Little sister ;) I miss you so much!!! I thought it'd be cool for you to give to the kids you work with, but then you can't give them gifts can you - boo! Did I tell you I miss you!!!!???

Lindsay said...

Oh my what an AWESOME DIY!! I love it, what a fun and creative idea!! I needed one for my son too!! THanks so much for sharing!!

chelseybell. said...

awesome idea!!!

carly. said...

my goodness,
how CUTE are you becky?? terribly cute...i love this idea. i wish i had kids :)

Carrie said...

this is so cute!

cupcake cutie said...

omggg! that is soooo cute.
i am definitely going to try doing this some time.
you did such an awesome job!

lauren ♥ said...

i saw some similar to these on my paper crane, but i think that yours are sooo much cuter! they turned out awesome! great post. i love anything with a heart (my last name is hart)! happy valentines day! <3

Sherry said...

This is great idea! Perfect for kids!

BuenoBueno said...

ooooo these are too cute! I want, I need :) Thanks so much for leading me to that fabulous wedding invite. I got really excited when I saw it. I love LOVE love cute/smart design.


Lizette said...

Oh, so that's how it's done! Thanks! I can't wait to get some different fun shaped molds.

Mewtop said...

I love how you've packaged your love heart crayons! I will have to try a shape, me and my babies made some round ones last week
Its a beautiful blog you have ... ♥