Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hearts & Crafts Part 2

I'm not over Valentine's yet! 
So I went through my flickr and found all the LOVEly pictures I could for you!

I heart Mickey! Look at how crazy he is with long hair!

Mine & Lauren's Starbucks on our road trip - Miss you so much Lo!

All the paper hearts my dad cut out for my mom when they first were together! 

Cute & happy Lovebot!

Last year's Valentine garland, which I did not put up this year because it's SUPER knotted!

My Daddy & Mags tattoo! They have a love better than any storybook!

Red Velvet mini heart cakes! 
So much red dye goes into these, but they taste soooooo wonderful!

Heart shaped raspberry - it obviously made my day - I took a picture.

Paper heart made of newspapers! 
Keep having LOVEly days!

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Miss Wanderlust said...

oh I love all of these pictures and I love that you are not over Valentines Day yet :) I feel like that should be a once a month holiday for sure :)
P.S. I love my valentine card!! I got it today and I hung it up. love love love it :)

chelseybell. said...

mickey with long hair looks like a crazy old homeless lady. i can just imagine him begging for change and then spending it on donuts or something crazy like that.

your tattoo is so cute!

Becky said...

Janel - Let's make it happen ;)

Chelsey - Mickey absolutely looks like crazy homeless lady! Thank goodness I decided he needed a trim!

danny said...

pahlease let mickeys hair grow out again! hes so cute like that

BuenoBueno said...

im so curious what is the story behind the tattoo?
love the newspaper heart ahhhhh!
and get those red velvet cakes outta my face! ahhhhh!
i ate so many this week!

Laurie Anne said...

thank you for sharing such Love-ly photos with us...Mickey looks adorable with long hair...it's just harder to keep him combed and clean I bet.
Valentines day is everyday! :)

Anonymous said...

Today is my lucky day :)
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boots said...

Im not quite over it either! but ready for my birthday this weekend!!!

carly. said...

awww cuuute post becky! i love raspberries and cupcakes...mmm! also. i know you have done this before but you should do a post with all your tattoos again!! i like those ones :)