Monday, February 8, 2010

Like bunnies..........

....these circles are multiplying! Making these little crocheted circles goes to quick! Here is the blog that shows you how! I also am thinking about making them into a hexagon blanket. I have 37 now and I think I'm going to make about 120 more! So far no two are the same, but I'm sure I'll have to make two the same if I'm making 160 of them total. 
I didn't mind the superbowl so much because I just sat there with the ones I love and ate a bunch and crocheted a bunch! Mickey was dying because the food was just out of his reach! 
And like bunnies these Fatale Dunnys are so cute! All the artists of the Femme Fatale Dunnys are women! This series is very awesome.
I think this little roo dunny is my favorite so far. See the teeny tiny dunny in the pouch!? You can take it out ps. The kangaroo dunny is by Alexandra Anderson. You can view them all here!
Pretty cute right?
Tonight, fingers crossed, I will put up some Strumpet creations on my etsy! So look for that tomorrow! Hope you all had an awesome weekend! 
Have you signed up for the Great Granny Swap? Go do it!
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euphoria said...

they are just SO pretty!! thanks for the tutorial link- I'm gonna practice tonight!! I am determined to crochet!!! :o)

apparentlyjessy said...

Becky! The crochet circles are so lovely! I am hoping to attend a craft group this Saturday, with the hope they will teach me how to crochet!
I do hope you turn the circles into a hexagon blanket, it will look awesome.
The new Dunny's are so cute, I really love the zebra unicorn one, and strangely the one with the bloody sword is rather appealing to me too! hehe
Hope you have a good week! x

chelseybell. said...

holy moly, these are so pretty! thanks for linking the blog!!!

Amber said...

man you are a machine!!!
I love the pink and brown one!!! So pretty!

Carrie said...

they are so pretty!


Cat said...

wow your circles are turning out really good!!


cupcake cutie said...

geez becky, you are so talented.
i love the little granny circles! too cute.

and now i want to get some of those little dunny's!

Alexandra Mason said...

your circles are fantastic xx

Laurie Anne said...

Becky...just wondering...Do you sleep?? LOL :)

carly. said...

ahhhh i am DYING to find a vintage blanket just like the one you are making. amazing!! i love that no two are the are so dedicated!!

Craftyminx said...

I'm loving the circle grannys!

Amy Curran said...

Did you see the Dunny cake on Ace of Cakes? It was awesome!