Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wanna play lambs?

My little pup Mickey loves his lamb toys, it's weird yes, but whatever floats his boat. Because of Mickey's lil love of lambs I have developed a lamb love too!
Spring is right around the corner and look at all these lovely little lambs! 

Felted lil lamb! Now that I know the difficulty of felting I have a new appreciation for it!
Loveable Treasures on etsy you are my hero. Just look at these two!

Baby Lamb crochet pattern from LuvlyGurumi. I want to learn to make these, but I am very intimidated! Are any of you beginners? Where do I begin?

Little lamb key topper & German boy from heyyoyo! Can you tell I like this shop? 
I bought these awhile back, I kept the lamb and gave my brother the german boy. Danny is blonde and blue so I of course thought of him.

I want this so much!! littleshout your etsy shop is amazing!

Spring Mugs! So precious!

Birdielouvintage on etsy has THE cutest lil lamb!

Incredibly creepy lamb mask
We could all be lambs next Halloween - Mickey would be in heaven!

 Or you could do it the Farley family way - buy the butter already molded.

A butter mold of a lamb would be my fat puppy's dream!
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Laurie Anne said...

Becky I love your little lambkin :) it's so are amazing! x

Carrie said...

I love all the lamb love very cute except for the mask it is really creepy


Lindsay said...

that mask is pretty creepy but the rest are darling!!!

Giggly said...

Loooove. When my grandma was alive, she always called her grandchildren lambs. :) I love little lambs. <3

lolo sr said...

I don't want to be a lamb for Halloween :(

lolo sr said...

I don't want to be a lamb for Halloween :(

Sarah said...

The key toppers are so cute!! But that lamb mask... eek! Spooky.

chelseybell. said...

this gave me my silence of the lambs thought of the day--it's unavoidable!!

Anonymous said...

It's like when you get someone a frog they become a collector of frogs. When all he gets is lambs because he can't buy his own then all he likes are lambs. Get the mutt a tiger.