Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winner is #2

Thank you all so much for helping!! You guys are really great!
I went with #2 for several reasons:
1. They didn't have the green dress in my size :(
2. I'm alil on the short side, so dresses below my knee make me look like I'm playing dress up
3. I love the neck of this dress
4. I got these to go with it!
I really loved the green dress too, but as my sister said I have a few green ones already!
But the more the merrier right, wish they had it in my size- whompwhomp!
Oh well, I love the one I picked! I can't wait for the wedding, which is in April. I designed the wedding invitations, which at first terrified me, but the bride loved them!!
Thank you all again!! Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

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carly. said...

that one is really beautiful! and very wedding appropriate. hot tights too!! what are you going to do for shoesies? that IS the question!

Silje Røe Hagland said...

Hah! We have matching green dresses, I have the one to the right too. Love it!

You're gonna look so cute in the dress you picked, love the tights!


Becky said...

Carly, I know but again what kind? Lol peep toe? Black?

Silje, I live that babydoll dress it's one of my favorite! Bet is cute w your dark hair!

Mags said...

Becky, I love the black dress! (can i borrow it sometime?) I signed up and have my own etsy account! I am so proud of you - keep on going honey - you are going to be famous soon! I love you, Mom