Thursday, March 18, 2010

Animal House

A few pretty animals that fill up my house.
Two little deers! Tiny, but super cute!

A paper crane from Miss Janel!

A little push bunny from MyPaperCrane.

Little Lamb tape measure from Tea Time Quilting & Stitchery in Breckenridge.
Mickey thought it was a toy for him and about ate it!

My Panda Protected sewing machine thanks to

Not in my home, but wouldn't it be neat if it was?
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cuteseas said...

I love the little deer! Looks like you need one of my cuteseas in your home :)

No, I didn't read the thing about the food coloring. I still don't think he would let me though :( He said it's torture lol


Carrie said...

I love the little deers I have one they are really hard to find so so cute!

Amber said...

Love the deers and the tape measure!! I have the panda rva sticker on my sewing machine too!

lauren ♥ said...

the kmart by my house growing up had one of those lil' marry-go-rounds! i used to take my daughter to ride on it when we still lived out there.

plus, i just watched pee wee's big adventure this morning, and there is one in the shopping strip where his bike gets stolen. it made me think of the one at kmart too... so twice in one day! wow! :)

danny said...

not to mention the 3 little rat dogs and the 2 lazzy catz! i would like a proper post dedicated to my boii jet please. kthxbai