Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Slide Scanning

I was looking for a stapler at my parents, because I couldn't find the one I already borrowed - Yikes! In my stapler search I found MORE SLIDES! I was stoked!

This time there was only 150 as opposed to the thousands I scanned before Christmas.

These slides were taken by my dad right before I was born and right after I was born.

I also found this Pana-vue slide viewer, but the tiny light bulb was burned out. I'm going to look for a bulb that may work with it, fingers crossed I find one.
I bet this was a pretty fancy, high tech thing to have back then ;)
So I got my ImageLab Instant Slide Scanner out and scanned all the slides. If you want they are all here on my flickr. Like I said these slides were taken by my dad. I love that he took a zillion photos of his dog at the time - guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;)
Here are just a few of the slides I found!
What's that song? "First comes LOVE, then comes MARRIAGE!"
Here's my parents - so sweet!

"Then comes the fattest BABY in the pool?"
Oh yes that is me! Geez! Rolls all over!
This is my favorite of the bunch, it's my Papaw (grandpa) and his macaw.
Look at those sideburns! The stories I've heard about him are wonderful. He had EVERY hobby in the world, including raising birds. I wonder what crazy hobbies I'll have as I get older? Raising birds will not be one of them lol but you never know!
If you're thinking about getting a slide scanner I really like the ImageLab scanner. It's super easy to use, you just need any SD Memory card and it saves the slides as high rez JPGs. It also scans negatives. I haven't tried the negative scanning, but it's basically the same as the slides. I love old photos of my family, and this is a great way to get them all on to the computer and share them with everyone! Sounds like a commercial lol
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Jamie said...

What a treasure!!! That's so great!!! I need to ask my parents about their slides and what happened to them!

Carrie said...

How cool!!!! You were the cutest baby

Amber said...

So fun!! I really need to look into doing this with my parents slides! I rember getting the machine out and watching them when I was younger.
I love the I'm a Pepper tshirts!!

Windsor Grace said...

Those are great! My family is more of the slip the picture into a picturebook variety. No slide to be found anywhere.

Laurie Anne said...

Hey! I'm a Pepper too! :)
Great finds! such fun were the cutest baby! xox

Laurie Anne said...
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India Daisy said...

Hee hee - you had the cutest little rolls as a baby! Aw, love the pics of your folks!

PaperCameraScissor said...

I just love the look of slides. We have tons of them our family too.

I love that baby photo of you--so cute!!

Molly Le Blanc said...

Aw Beck I love them all! But my fav is definitely the pic of your parents - love love it. So cute.

Shannon said...

I'm so jealous! I only wish I had that cool of a "find"! I would love to see my family's photos like that. And your pool set? WANT.

Ps - the baby down, baby down photo made me giggle out loud :)

carly. said...

wow!! you were quite the chubbster haha i love baby rolls.

laoose said...

OH. EM. GEE. that pic of lar and mags is PRICELESS!