Thursday, March 18, 2010

Painting, toys, & tee, Oh My!

Yesterday this painting was waiting for me at home! Painted by Squink!
I found his work on flickr and just loved it so much! I need to find a place for it!
For now it will be held up by fabric and vinyl toys. Pretty precious right?
He makes custom dunnys too! I like each and everyone of them so much!

If you're interested in his work just visit his shop.
So along with Mickey's green hair, here are my green rice crispy treats for the work folk.
They love any sweets especially green rice crispy treats! And in St. Patrick's Day spirit I wore a green tee from Skunkboy Creations! You can get one too!
Even though the work week has been a short one for me I would like the weekend to hurry up and get here quick! I want to MAKE stuff and after work I'm too tired. So hurry up weekend!
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Amber said...

Oh my!! I love that picture! I am so going to check out his shop!! Holy cow!
I bought the Skunkboy shirt too! Love it!

Lindsay said...

oh so cute!! I love that shirt from Skunkboy!! adorable!!! Hope you have a great day! Your green rice krispie treats look so yum!

carly. said...

what is that tattoo you have on the inside of your arm!?! that's where i want my teacup...i didn't know you had one there!! show me, show me haha

charismagic said...

Gorgeous painting x

emalie said...

why is your eye make-up so awesome?

Hearthandmade said...

hey yeah im an indie biz student too! Thanks for following i love your blog xox

dany said...

waiting for the weekend so you can come visit your poor lil brother? naaahhh...kewl rice krispie treats, wish i were there :) love you

elycia said...

ohh nice shirt! i've been thinking of getting one myself. so cute.

cupcake cutie said...

oh wowwww!
i LOVE that painting. holy shit! cutest ever.
and i loveeeee the green rice krispies, are so pretty:)

Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this but the red, black and green dunny is precious. <3 ya ant

Rhiannon Nicole said...

Oh I adore your hair!! Super super cute cut :)

wallflower said...

They're pretty good. :)
I've never heard of those Dunny toys before, but are they sold just blank? Or what?