Monday, March 8, 2010

Wonderful Weekend

It's starting to feel like Spring and I love it!
My siblings are home, I got to work on a bunch of projects, and just had a very nice weekend.
Little lamb salt and pepper shakers from etsy perfect for Spring!

I finished all 21 of my crocheted granny squares for The Great Granny Square Swap!
I'm so excited to mail them out! How is everyone else progress?

Here is Lauren's Giant Granny Square blanket! It's not finished yet but I thought since she was home we'd get a picture together with it! She really likes it, which I'm stoked about!
We saw Alice in Wonderful too. I really liked it, I loved Alice, she reminded me of this little girl I use to nanny! Her facial expressions and cute/rottenness all reminded me of her!
We had a family BBQ. Danny and I were stuck making the burgers. I said to keep the pizza delivery guys number close because we've never grilled. But everything turned out great!
We had a family BBQ. Danny and I were stuck making the burgers. I said to keep the pizza delivery guys number close because we've never grilled. But everything turned out great!
It was so perfect out this weekend, the sky was blue and it wasn't too cold. We didn't make it to the Renaissance Festival, maybe at the end of March we'll go. I'm very excited about the rest of the month, so much fun stuff coming up! Plus Mickey will be 2 this March! Wootwoot lol
Remember all the crocheted circles I was making? Well I wanted to start squaring them off, and gave it a try last night. It doesn't really look like the one in the directions. It's not square enough. Has anyone made these, and if so what am I doing wrong? I think I need to make the chain longer in the corners, but you tell me! Please :)
I need to learn the crochet lingo, because I don't know what the directions really say. Plus half of the directions I was using were not in English. Let me know if you have the answer, I would be really grateful!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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Dana said...

Adding some extra chains in the corners could help, or you could go up a hook size for the square round.

It looks like the directions say to do two treble stitches and chain three and two more treble stitches in the corners. While the other spots have 4 double crochets. I guess the extra height from the treble stitches make the corners more pointed than round.

Hope that helps!

Molly Le Blanc said...

Love all the pics beck! Btw - I wore 2 of my scarves from you in NH and I had a lady ask about the granny square one if she could see it - she LOVED it. Said it was so soft - like cotton, "thanks for sharing" she said- sweet lady :)

euphoria said...

I dream of crocheting! Your squares look so pretty, as does your sister's blanket!

Becky Farley said...

Dana, You're right!! I did only 3 little things and I needed to do 4!! Thank you - I should have caught that!

Molly Mo - We missed you last night! We had soo much food. Next time ;)

Jess - Thank you! You should crochet - You do everything else, why not ;)

Amber said...

YAY...Can't wait to get your granny squares. I am terrible and haven't even started yet! Gasp!! I am going to start this week though. I have had so many birthdays and baby showers that I have not had the time.
Sounds like you had a great weekend! It is 65 out today in KC and I am stuck indoors working:(

chelseybell. said...

love the lamb shakers--so, so cute!

and your squares look perfect! i'm thinking a trip for a crapload of different yarns is in order before i can start mine, i want them all to be different!

Lisa said...

Those granny squares are beautiful! I love the colors. I've never attempted multi-color ones before but after seeing how lovely yours turned out I may give it a try.

Carrie said...

First I have to say those are the cutest salt and pepper shakers I have ever seen!

I love all your squares they are so pretty


apparentlyjessy said...

Wowsers! I am so impressed with your crocheting skills, I wish my granny squares came out as neat and as perfect as yours! I haven't learnt the crochet 'lingo' yet either, so the book I have bought is somewhat redundant!

cupcake cutie said...

i love the s&p shakers,
and those granny squares are adorable.

pretty flowers!
bbqs are the best.

spring is sooo close.


Kellie said...

I think Dana hit it on the head - the treble stitches (wrapping the yarn around your hook twice before going into the stitch) are to make the corners more squared by adding height. But sometimes my circle to square motifs also look bulgy around the middle. When you join them they will probably square up more too. Also, you could add 4 chains in-between the corner treble groups and see what that does. I think they look awesome though!

elycia said...

yeah...i have a lot more squares to do. i better go work on immediately.

Sweet Escape said...

your granny squares look awesome!!!....i haven't started mine yet...i'm gonna do them all on the drive to yosemite...we are gonna be there for 5 days!!!..those salt and pepper shakers are awesome!! them!! happy monday!!

Bird Trouble said...

Becky your makeup looking HOT in that picture with you and mickey.

AND I GOT YOUR PACKAGE AND I SCREAMED. I love it. Seriously, I love everything you sent me. You totally didn't have to be so generous! But I'm glad you were. :) I'm gunna blog about it this week.
I'm sending out your package by the end of this week. Classes have been kicking my butt, I'm sorry I haven't gotten it out yet!

River Glorious said...

You could do it on your own, you know. I am unfamliar with British/Aussie crochet terms, sorry. You are making double crochets in the corners.

The next stitch could be a half double crochet (Yarn Over, pull up a loop, Yarn Over, and through all 3 loops), then go even lower with a single crochet (Yarn Over, insert hook and pull up a loop, Yarn Over and through both loops). Every time you get close to the corn, use half double crochets again. That should even it up and then you would make your corner as usual, and do the next round all with the same stitch. Your circles will now be more squarish.

Ambar in Puerto Rico

Curlywiggles said...

That blanket is ammmazing! i made my first granny square last week, i was so proud! i can tell they are going to be addictive.