Thursday, April 1, 2010


If you've ever printed anything you've probably printed in CMYK.
Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black - with your powers combined you create all colors. Pretty awesome right? But as you read this you are looking at RGB colors - it's tricky really! It can create quite a few problems! Then spot colors which are a horse of a different color.

CMYK, RGB may think you're dull, but not me!!!

CMYK on etsy

CMYK fashion

Equilibrium by CD Ryan

I love their enthusiasm!!!

Do you have any CMKY stories? If you're a graphic designer, I know you do!

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Courtney said...

In college I thought that I was such a bad color darkroom printer (I felt that I couldn't tell if something was 2 points too cyan!) but then I took a CMYK test and got a perfect score!
I was so stoked it really made me more confident in my printing abilities. It also started a ton of "oh I wish it were about 10 more points yellow outside today!" kind of jokes.

Hehe-my photo/gd friends and I are such geeks

urban craft said...

oh the cmyk eggs are rad. Of course they are from martha.

Trisha said...

haha awesome! I share the CMYK love :D

sdillondesign said...

I can't tell you how much fun I have explaining to clients about previewing colors on screen vs the way they look printed. Sigh. Oh how, I love Pantones and CMYK they are so tricky! :)

laoose said...

is it physically possible to make those easter eggs?