Thursday, April 8, 2010

Etsy Love

Here are some etsy items I've purchased in 2010.

My most favorite, Cute.n.Boot's greeting cards!
She has the most clever cards! Kate also has such a wonderful blog, go take a look! Plus her pup Gunnar gives Mickey a run for his money in the cute department!

A very pretty green acorn candy dish from Snow Fox Vintage.
You may better know Savannah from her Sleepy King blog and her incredibly cuddly plushies!

I find it difficult to buy purses. The tiniest thing can turn me off from buying one - I know it sounds silly, not too big, never small, not a bunch of crazy buckles, no giant C's lol! And when I find a purse I use it forever and it needs to be able to take some abuse.
I saw this purse from Vintage Butterfly94 and loved it! It's like the ultimate Etsy item -Handmade and Vintage - two birds! oh and ps Kate - look here!

Here are two items from two different etsy sellers.
The teacup stand came first from Tucked Away Treasures. I really loved the bright yellow! Now there's a 6 cup holder, it needs some love, but it's awesome!
So then I knew I wanted fire king kimberly mugs, and I obviously needed 4. I found SO many etsy sellers who had awesome mugs, but Freshbeginnings had the best price for 4! Here are some blue ones, green ones, and orange ones.
All of these Etsy sellers were awesome and quick, so take a look at their shops!
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Courtney said...

Isn't Etsy window shopping the best!
I also love Kate's blog and her work. I love seeing what people and Etsy items interest you- I totally love all of your picks!

carly. said...

oh great! now i need one of those stands...thanks!! haha

Elle said...

Etsy is so totally addictive. I signed up just to do a bit of Christmas shopping, I thought it would be more personal and help suppport artisians, etc etc. Now I spend more time on etsy, then ... I can't think of a comparison. I was going to say personal hygiene but that's a lie and freaking gross haha. I love it :)

Kjirsten said...

Love it all Becky!! Awesome finds. Also great job on Amber's cards!! Love 'em! They are so her! Have a great evening!

My Owl Barn said...

I love them all! My favorite is that teacup stand. Have a great weekend!

boots said...

thanks so much lady! i cant wait to send you the mikey drawing, i wish gunnar and him could meet!

elycia said...

what lovely items! i super agree, katie's cards are the absolute best.

Laurie Anne said...

Love that bag! xo

Sarah Ann said...

Loving those mugs! :) and your blog! I'm totally following!!

{eleise} said...

wow those are so great...I really love that card! So great!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

so many cute finds!!
btw which part of FL are you from? I live in Jacksonville, but have lived in W.FL and S.FL!
love your blog!

Sew Charitable said...

Those cards rule!