Tuesday, April 20, 2010


LA played "what's your favorite ________?" Her favorites were so awesome!
I thought I'd play too! You should too!

1. Favorite hobby?
At the moment, my favorite hobby is crocheting!

2. Favorite tv show?
The Office - 100% - I love Michael Scott with all my heart! I own all 5 seasons on DVD and play them while I sew/craft for background noise. No one will play the Office trivia game with me because I'd crush them!

3. Favorite restaurant food?
Sushi & Starbucks :) not together though and burritos

4. Favorite thing to shop for?
EVERYTHING on etsy :)

5. Favorite animal?
Duh, Mickey - you knew that was coming!

6. Favorite song?
Listen to it for real - you'll LOVE it so much!

7. Favorite word?
yikes! :)

8. Recent favorite youtube video?
Lord, I'm not a youtuber, but Charlie bit my finger is my favorite! They are they cutest kids EVER!!!! Geez! My sister wants to marry a British man and procreate with him as a result of this video lol I mean completely I see why! Don't you? I know this video is way old ps.

9. Favorite movie?
Princess Bride - because it's the best movie ever!

10. Favorite childhood memory?
Selling lemonade on the sidewalk in front of our house with my brother and sister yelling into the karaoke machine as cars approached! And family road trips! We'd call behind my mom for two reasons: 1. she's way tinier than my dad = more leg room and 2. She couldn't smack you if you were behind her being a terrible brat :)

Now you do your favorites! I really love reading everyones favorites!
Answer the 10q's with photos and link to it in the comments of this post :)
1. Favorite hobby?
2. Favorite tv show?
3. Favorite restaurant food?
4. Favorite thing to shop for?
5. Favorite animal?
6. Favorite song?
7. Favorite word?
8. Recent favorite youtube video?
9. Favorite movie?
10. Favorite childhood memory?

Ready, set, go!

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carly. said...

awww i love love love that photo of you and mickey in your craft room. your craft room has so much colour, it's SO pretty!! i can't wait til i get my own whole room instead of just a desk haha...oh to have a house...*sigh*

carly. said...

ahahahaha ps: i love "charlie bit my finger" soooo funny, gets me everytime...LOL

Becky Farley said...

First, you are welcome anytime- I mean that :)
Second, I find myself always walking around saying "Charlie bit my finger......" lol Or if a customer call and his name is Charlie all I wanna do is say that to him lol ...and it really hurt!! I love those two!

erica said...

I completely agree with you about The Office! I have all 5 seasons on dvd and i've probably seen each episode a million times (ok maybe not that many) and we own the trivia game and nobody will play us haha! That show is just amazing!

PaisleyJade said...

Very cool - and of course i love to crochet too!!!


Consider my dear said...

I love the office too. My boyfriend and I watch it every night when we go to bed. I have the office clue. Its fun!

aphrodita wibowo said...

i love the colorfull crochet...


apparentlyjessy said...

Princess Bride totally is an awesome movie! :) Thank you for the Easter postcard, it made its way to me and totally made my day!

Carrie said...

I love this I may have to copy this one!!!


Elizabeth said...

You can never go wrong with Princess Bride!! That is one of my movies that I could set to repeat all day :) This was a fun way to know a little bit more about you, thanks for sharing lady!

chelseybell. said...

totally doing this!

christina said...

I think I may have to do this tonight as well.
And YAY to The Office... and Yikes.

{eleise} said...

OOO I love to crochet & love the office & I love Starbucks! =)

lolo sr said...

1. Favorite hobby? - sleeping
2. Favorite tv show? - snl
3. Favorite restaurant food? - chicken fingers
4. Favorite thing to shop for? - anything that can be bought at target
5. Favorite animal? - squirrel
6. Favorite song? - i saw the sign by ace of base lol jkjk (sorta)
7. Favorite word? - nerds!
8. Recent favorite youtube video? - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzHjRKSB4qQ&feature=player_embedded
9. Favorite movie? - the departed
10. Favorite childhood memory? - walking around tampa bay center with my dad and sister and brother ALL THE TIME! especially going into the pet store

Becky Farley said...

:) I'm so glad there are so many other Office nerds out there!! Do you think Erin and Andy are the new Pam and Jim? lol What is wrong with Ryan - I never liked him anyways!