Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day to you!

When I think of Earth Day I think of my lil sister Lauren. She's no waster! Her car is fuel efficient, she recycles, she gives me a hard time (in a loving way) about working at print company (then I explain we recycle and it's fine-ish). Lauren is my lil free spirit, earth savin', tree huggin' sister! I love you Lo! I found this very pretty hand painted Mushrooms in Love by Rachel at Talk2TheTrees! Thought you'd love it! I do!
Also for Earth Day, Heidi Kenney over at MyPaperCrane make a Dirty Dozen Cheat Sheet!
Print it out and take it with you every time you go to the grocery store! Buy organic!!!! And don't feed your kids fast food or SUPER processed food- please! Ok enough soap box today.

A Earth Day note to my Dad, Larbear, can you please help/make this stool for/with me!? It's pretty awesome! Or if we found a really large stump (he has a bunch in their backyard) we could make a coffee table! I'm full of ideas, I just need your help and expertise to make those ideas tangible creations! :) So deal?
A very cute Earth Day decorating idea, which I first saw on Katie's site, tea tin flower vases. Martha must of have seen it, because it was on her site today!
Have a lovely day - thanks to the Earth :)
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lolo sr said...

aw thanks...but i just ate mcdonald's, so so much for being a green little free spirit! oopsie!

gah! are you watching 30 rock??!?! bahahaha

Becky Farley said...

Bad Lo!! Si I love Liz Lemon! she just wants a man who thinks stripclubs are gross and has beefy forarms like a disney prince lol :)

I love your youtube pick with all my heart!

Amber said...

You guys are so cute. Wish I had a sister!! My favorite line from Ms. Liz Lemon is "I want to go to there"... I say it all the time.
I am with you on how we should eat. I can't remember, have you seen Food, Inc?

Becky Farley said...

I haven't! When I watch things like that i'm a crazy person for weeks! lol I saw just part of some cow slaughter house thing on CSI (not even real) and I announced I wasn't eating burgers or cow meat anymore, but then I forgot bc I got beef empandas for my dad and I lol
I saw the Super Size Me one - geez!! That stopped me from eating it or ever feeding my kids it one day! I do love McDonald's icecream cones - but then I draw the line ;)

lolo sr said...

Astronaut Mike Dexter