Monday, April 19, 2010

I wanna join the circus!

This weekend my Uncle Matt was in town and he always has the BEST stories to share. This time he told us Robbie, my 6 year old cousin announced he wants to join the circus. He wanted to know if there is a circus college he could attend. He is a nut! He has a very deep voice for a 6 old year, and every word he chooses is very precis. He is dead serious about the circus Matt said! I plan on encouraging this circus idea completely! Growing up in Tampa, I loved learning all about the crazy carnival folk across the Bay in Gibsonton, Florida. I was fascinated with the movie FREAKS! Also the book Freaks is wonderful, telling the stories of the circus performers in the early 1900's. Also when we were younger (8 or 9), we'd take two ladders and a huge wooden beam and make a tightrope in the backyard. It had to be 6 feet up! We'd run across or do jumps off, but then we had to stop when someone broke their arm -whompwhomp. So, maybe my family just needs to have a circus Halloween again ;) Maybe a circus birthday for Robbie!
Any ideas? ;)
Here are a bunch of my favorite circus items on etsy!

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Rachael Thomas said...

Aw how sweet! I personally love circus related items. Have you ever seen the movie The Unknown? It is amazing!

PaperCameraScissor said...

oh my goodness you are the first person that knows about the movie freaks. My dad rented tht movie for me when i was younger and i loved it. I rented it a few months ago for my dd to watch. After we watched it she looked up most of the people in the movie.

I have a small obsession about the movie --is that weird?

danny said...

there is a circus at FSU :) GO NOLES!

jelly said...

ha...funny, i just wrote a short post on the circus.
i love the old timey circus myself...and a party like that would be awesome.

you could make invitations like tickets, serve popcorn, hotdogs, peanuts for food...i'm sure there are tons of ideas online.

have fun.