Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Not a lean, mean fighting machine

Mickey doesn't believe in exercise, why should he? He gets treats for being cute and precious. Outside is hot with all that fur and the cars go too fast.

Someone once told me it's ok if your pup is fat as long as they're happy, but I don't. I would like him to live forever, so I'm starting to walk him. He's not too thrilled about it.
But look how thrilled he is to be finished with his walk!! He's stoked!
But Mickey isn't alone, I find it so difficult to get excited about exercise! But I have to! There was this time period when I would go to the gym every night, I loved it! But now I'd rather crochet or sew. I need to find a balance! 1. For the 3 day in October and 2. Just for better well being and staying healthy and 3. I drink way too many tasty frappachinos. So fluorescent pink sports bra -CHECK! gym membership -CHECK! more water less diet coke - MAYBE! walks with my fat pup -CHECK!
What do you do to stay in shape? Vitamins?

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Courtney said...

You know what you should do? Crochet on the treadmill! Just go at a slow/walking pace and crochet at the same time but for a bit longer.
I used to love going to the gym (well I still do) because at my last apartment it was included and just a building away. I would go at 10pm! It was the best. I would catch up on my reading or whatever while on the treadmill. I loved it!

Rikki Cupcake said...

We take our dog out every other night for walks, but mainly I just chase them around the house. You could try switching food or give carrot snacks instead of the fatty biscuit treats. My dogs love carrots! Courtney must be a wizard to read on the treadmill! (: My glasses slide down my sweaty nose and then I can't see a darn thing!

Lisa said...

Your dog is precious! I'm sure he'll learn to love his walks. There was this little old lady who used to walk around my neighborhood knitting, maybe you could walk and crochet?

Carol Anne said...

aww love those pics! Me and my husband have been taking walks in the evening in the park. And we have been doing workout dvds together. It is so much easier with him there because we can laugh and make fun of the instructor or ourselves and I'm not paying attention to the pain! haha!

christinaalessi said...

He is so stinking cute!
My dogs go bonkers if I don't take them for a quick stroll every few hours. I think they just enjoy terrorizing the neighborhood.

And these walking/ crocheting suggestions have me thinking! I might have to give that a go!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Oh my gosh I can't get over how darn cute he is. I just want to squeeze him.

How much should he weigh because to me he doesn't look chubby? I also would like to know because if he is then Gizmo is too. They look like they are the same size.
Gizmo loves walks!

The Fancy Lady said...

im in the same boat with the exercise i used to work out like 6 times a week now im always so tired but i need to get back into doing that lol

Molly Le Blanc said...

Beck! You did go exercise by yourself at our scary apts - brave sole you were :) Go rollerblading again - just wear your elbow pads and watch our for the giant holes! I'm attempting to use the treadmill / mousercise / lunges combo... starting next week! Working 70 hrs this week, not much time for play. But money is coming in :)

Amber said...

Oh man... I am struggling with exercise right now too! I have to be in a swimsuit by the end of June!! We are going to Texas...and unless I lose some weight the swimsuit will not be coming with me!! So.. you would think that would be enought inspiration but NO!!!
I have told myself that come May 1st I need to start going to the gym every night!! Once I am there I am ok, it is the getting there part that is hard. I would rather sit and crochet, sew, anything!
So I have no advice for you. Sorry!! ha!

Becky Farley said...

Gina - You asked how much Mickey should weight lol ok so once a man brought his two maltese puppies into my office (normal print company - you DON'T bring dogs in) and I was trying to be nice bc my boss was pissed the guy had dogs- so I ask how old they were bc they were so tiny - they were 5 and like 4lbs!! Mickey is 2 and he's 12lbs :) the man told me Maltese should be over 6lbs or they aren't show-dog material lololol I think I laugh out loud at the man! oh well so Mickey is alittle bigger than the average Maltese - more to LOVE!! Mickey is super solid lol I make an ughhhhh noice when I lift him! :) whatever he's so happy! Gizmo is a Maltese for sure!! I thought I emailed you back, but no it's just sitting in my drafts!! I'm sorry!! Maltese are the best!! ;)

Becky Farley said...

-wait - should NOT weigh more than 6lbs.

rosie! ♥ said...

your mickey is so cuuute! i'm starting to walk my pup, and she did not like it either! she kept trying to chew off her leash. and she's only 3 months old! she's gonna be a terror but we don't care. we love her!

elycia said...

mickey is so sweet, i'm sure he'll learn to love walks!
i exercise 6 days a week trying to GET in shape :) sometimes it's hard (especially the days i do it before work) but i always feel great after! and i take multi vitamins. they save my life.