Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Roy G Biv

I've started a Roy G Biv crocheted blanket, or the rainbow blanket!
Now I am very curious if you do or do not know what Roy G Biv is! I'm not sure when I learned this, if it was at school or if my dad taught me, I just know I know it now. Roy G Biv is just an easy mnemonic way to remember the 7 colors in a rainbow/visible spectrum. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

I started with red of course.

I ended in violet. Now I think I'll reverse the colors and continue!

Here it is so far!
Crafts + Learning = LOVE (to me)
I bet you didn't know Epcot is my favorite Disney park, wanna know why, because you get to learn while at a theme park! Sometimes I try crafts with my little cousins that have a little learning in them and they don't even know it! Tricky tricky!

Take Skittles, what's their catch phrase, Taste the Rainbow? Well Skittles are NOT a complete rainbow, they are missing Indigo - whompwhomp! Plus I had to buy the Crazy Core Skittles to get these 6 colors. I ate more Skittles today then I have in 15 years, I could barf a rainbow right now lol sorry that's gross, but true. Too much sugar -blah!
Tell me where you learned Roy G Biv in the comments please! I'm curious!
More color fun -CMYK. I could do this all day!

Thank you for the sweet thoughts to my mom!
She's a tough cookie and hopefully she'll be better in no time!
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lolo sr said...

I invented Roy G. Biv


Courtney said...

I'm totally more a CMYK girl instead of Roy G. Biv! Honestly though I love them both!

(I also don't even remember the last time that I ate skittles!)

Becky Farley said...

Lauren you are crazy ps lol

Courtney - I should make a CMYK blanket next!! and maybe have the edges be crazy colored - I don't know lol if you think of something let me know!

Shanny said...

Honestly, I think I learned Roy G Biv from Screech (Dustin Diamond) on Saved By the Bell. I remember there was an episode that he was teaching Zack using mnemonics. He also taught the order of the planets in that episode.

Becky Farley said...

Bahaha Shanny - I remember the planet one - My Very Educated Mother......... but now is Pluto still a planet? lol I loved Saved by the Bell with all my heart!

The Curious Pug said...

i love rainbows! i think my grandma taught me Roy G. Biv. I always think of her when I hear that :)

PaisleyJade said...

It's looking so good... but I've never ever heard of Roy G. Biv!!

charismagic said...

I'd never heard Roy B Giv.... now I have!

Tina Marie said...

Roy G Biv is def something i learned growing up! I think it was in grade school art class or something. Around the same time I learned the state song, the planets song and the sentence for helping us kiddies learn how to spell Arithmetic. (A Rat In Tommy's House May Eat Tommy's Icecream!)

GA+E said...

LOVE your blog! the colors! the polaroids! totally following now! we hope you'll follow our blog too, we are huge polaroid fanatics :)

Curlywiggles said...

I knew what you meant! It was the only way I could remember the colours of the rainbow for my science exams! It's totally gorgeous!

aubrey said...

I think I officially learned it in high school physics. We had to refract light and other stuff...the only thing I remember is RoyGBiv!

carly. said...

i definitely know roy g biv haha who doesn't?! they teach that shit in kindergarten i'm pretty sure, lol!!

i ♥ rainbows

Bird Trouble said...


Stars & Rockets said...

To be honest you just taught me ROY G BIV. Thanks!

mmm skittles... I adore them!

Kjirsten said...

Looks great!!! Keep up the awesome work!!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

the first time I found out about Roy G biv was in 5th grade. I had a hard plastic headband and it was a rainbow. My art teacher was talking about color and picked me to show the headband. She asked the class if we knew what the colors were also called. Of course we had no clue.