Tuesday, April 13, 2010

straight and arrow

Pretty silver Heartbreaker Necklace by bbel.

Arrow Heart Measuring Spoons by beehivekitchenware! I may not cook often, but I want these!
Ring found here.

Vintage Rubber and Feather Set of Arrows from SweetLoveVintage.

This is the spot by farouche on etsy.

I've only shot with a bow and arrow once, my Papa Don at the age of 90, purchased a set to get the neighbors' cats. YIKES I know! Lucky for those cats he was 90 and mostly like to practice shooting into a haystack anyways. He was a handful with a heart of gold! He let me and my siblings try, I don't think any of us were very good, but it was fun! He was something :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
I'll be back later with the iPad post!!
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Alicia said...

What a great collection of hearts and arrows! I love the first 2!


Laurie Anne said...

Those measuring spoons are to die for! xo
Thanks for the love! xo

PaperCameraScissor said...

We did this in high school and I actually loved it.

I really like the necklace.

A Beautiful Party said...

i went to camp once and got every patch except for archery. it was hard! i think i'll just stick with that cute little ring, no real arrows. great collection!

miss indie said...

okay, the comment you just left on my blog is cracking me up!! hahaha. :]
I lovee that vintage arrow set. Like, sooo much.

chelseybell. said...

love the vintage arrows and the ring.

that sounds like something my grandpa would do. except he'd use a gun. which is weird because he's half cherokee so you'd think he'd feel better with the bow and arrow ;).

Amber said...

Love the ring. Those poor cats. Well...now i know where your love of cats came from:) Too funny!

Lindsay said...

oH i love THAT NECKLACE AND THOSE MEASURING SPOONS, SOO CUTE!! I got the Ipad notepad with the cute postcard the other day, just blogged about it!! Thanks you soooo much!! I love it, your the sweetest!

Shannon said...

I am in love with that necklace and those measuring spoons!

Michelle said...

he he...funny story, and rad finds! :)

cuteseas said...

i LOVE those measuring cups and that ring. soooo cute!!! and thank you for the lovely comments :) hey i think i might be in DC when you are doing your thing there!


Ali said...

wow the necklace and ring are lovely!