Monday, April 26, 2010

Tick tock

I don't own a watch. But I sure do LOVE wall clocks. In my parents' home (house they've had since before they were married) the ONE thing that has never changed spots is this old wooden clock on the wall. Half the time I think it's an hour ahead or behind lol, but it's never been moved. They've rearranged that house a zillion times, but the clock is still there in it's spot! In some strange way it's a nice permanence in my life, a symbol of my parents being together for so many years, everything changing around them, but they stay the same :)

Here is my most favorite clock on etsy by andfurthermore.
I just think it's very perfect and pretty!

New Vintage Cuckcoo Clock on Renegade Handmade by decoylab.

Green Splat Bamboo with Red Modern Wall Clock by pilotdesign on etsy.

And this little orange alarm clock from thesundaytimesmarket on etsy.
I mostly love it because it's orange!
Can you think of an item in your life that has been there all your life?
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chelseybell. said...

I love doily clocks--they're so pretty!

melissa kaye said...

Hey Becky!

I just adore that vintage cuckoo clock. It's too cute!

I still have my red "Going to Grandma's suitcase that was given to me when I was 2 years old. :)

I can't believe I was able to find it online. Here's what mine looks like (it's identical to this one):

Carrie said...

oh i love the first clock its beautiful! My parents have a puzzle that they put together when they first got married it has always hung in their dining room.


Rikki Cupcake said...

that first clock is beautiful. I just love 1950's Sputnik clocks. My grandparents moved from the house I grew up in when I was about 23 and I felt lost without it. I still drive by and wave at it.

lolo sr said...

helloooo???? shadowbox in the front living roommmmmm chock full of precious moments and tom clarks lolololol

Laurie Anne said...

when we first got married we could barely afford rent let alone buying antiques but we bought our first clock together, it's a antique mantel clock and it has a beautiful chime...we've had it for almost 15 years and it too is like a symbol of our 'time' together.

I love the orange and yellow alarm clock! It's such a cheery clock.

PaisleyJade said...

Such cool clocks - love the orange and yellow one at the bottom!

Ashlotte said...

I love clocks so much!! We have a grandfather clock in our house with race horses painted on the face. My mom has had that since before I was born! Another thing I always remember being there is something I actually have--a stuffed lion named (creatively) "Lion". I have practically NO memory of my childhood (hah I have no idea why either. its like it all just ran away!!) BUT, I actually remember going to buy Lion when I was 6!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Loving all the clocks.

I have always remembered the round end table that sat in my dads house with claw feet and a lion head pull. I now have it in my living room.

jelly said...

Those clocks are really cool...

Rachael Thomas said...

I love clocks too! I own a few watches, but I take out the batteries.. that way I can wear an awesome watch but still have an excuse when I'm late!
PS I use a EOS Rebel XSi
Thanks for your comment... I just love your blog!

Crissy said...

I am loving all those wall clocks! Makes me want to go find one and put it up on the empty walls in my new home. thanks for sharing!

Kim-Anh NGUYEN said...

oh! i have the new vintage cuckoo clock but in orange :)