Friday, May 28, 2010

Beep Bop Yarn

That's robot speak for "I love yarn" - I do, I love it!

I wish everyone a very wonderful weekend. Hopefully you get to enjoy the long weekend!
I get to spend some time with my family, and I'm stoked about it! later gators :)

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Sweetest Things

This little puppy just makes me so happy! There is nothing like coming home to a lil pup that goes bonkers when he sees you! After work I took him to Starbucks and we got a free ninty nine frappachino, I think it's because Mick is so cute!
Amber sent me a shirt that I purchased from her blog sale (like a yard sale). And she sent me Hello Kitty shrinky dinks! First of all, I love shrinky dinks SO much! More shrinky dink'n here.
And I have a secret love for Hello Kitty - or Herro Kitty as I like to say! ;) So shrinky dinks and Herro Kitty combined is super awesome!
She also sent me a ball of Vanna yarn, you know the lady who is pretty on Wheel of Fortune, well she has her own yarn. If I was super Vanna rich I'd definitely make or endorse something I could craft with, but what? Yarn is obviously taken by Vanna, so what would you make/endorse?
What made me also VERY excited about this yarn is that it is the exact color of "old Leave" by I Love this Yarn yarn, which I love and they no long sell on And there's no Hobby Lobby's near me :( Anyways, Thank you Thank you Amber for being so sweet and so thoughtful! Hope you all are having a very wonderful Thursday!
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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I have a problem - Plants vs Zombies!

Plants vs Zombies is a little game you can play on your iPhone or iPad and it is AWESOME!
I don't play games on my phone with the exception of Tetris, which I had to ween myself off, oh and sudoku, but that doesn't count. But Plants vs Zombies is addicting - Seriously! You have to protect your home from Zombies with the help of pea firing plants and other plants in your yard.
As I was going through all the awesome granny squares from our swap, I saw these plushies on
Alix's blog. She made these awesome Plants vs Zombie plushies. I think I saw them before on there, but had no clue what they were til now.
She has the pattern for sale in her etsy shop!
I love them so much! I want to make one, or 5!
Molly, does Adam have these lego zombies? Because I would like one too! Adam you can be this for Halloween - Please!

I love EVERYTHING miss Katiekutthoart makes :)
This particular Nut Up or Shut Up cross stitching is a saying from Zombie Land.

Ice brain molds from ThinkGeek - I do own a brain jello mold ps!
Some Zombie reading! Also this!
Halloween is only 5 months or so away! Farley family, you wanna be Zombies? Maybe Gilligan's Island as Zombies? Think about it!

Let me know if you play this Plant vs Zombies game and that you think about it!
Or now if you go download it you'll be ruined for sure!
Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you I was Featured over at Punk Projects! They have a Indie Summer Camp Craft Class - you should join!
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Monday, May 24, 2010

Strumpet's Crumpets Etsy Shop Update!

This evening I will be having a Strumpet's Crumpets shop update!
I will have two new crocheted blankets in my shop!
Did you love Rainbow Bright as much as me? How about Roy G Biv? :)
Peek at the Pretty as a Peacock Giant Granny Square Blanket.
I will have the measurements up sometime after 8pm tonight!
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Organization is.....

...not one of my strong qualities.
But I'm trying.
Lots of hoops!
I love all my books. They are so helpful! My most favorite is Seams to Me, someone very wonderful to me gave it to me signed by Anna Maria Horner. Makes me smile (in a laugh/cry way).
What do you think?
Thought all my necklaces looked pretty, even if that were all mixed up in a cup.
Sweet little Mickey sitting right on the blanket I'm trying to crochet.

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Friday, May 21, 2010

A little wicked

Look at my new "Wicked Step Scissors" from Sublime Stitching! I love them so very much! I always am looking for my scissors (I misplace things often). Now I keep scissors in every work area, and by work area I mean in my purse, by the bed, next to the sewing get it. Now if you aren't into these Wicked scissors, you could get these, which are perfectly pretty!
Speaking of Wicked, my embroidered Sugar Skull made it on the "In my Halloween Dreams" Treasury - I felt so honored! I love everything in the set! :) Hope you are having a wonderful Friday!
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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Cursive Yarn

Last night I was about to go to bed, just finishing up the yellow row on my ROY G BIV (rainbow) blanket. I tossed the yarn on the floor beside the bed, because that's where it goes -duh. But then I jumped outa bed because when the yarn fell it looked like cursive writing! So as sleepy as I was I made my name in yarn, I was just curious - it turned out pretty cool! I wanted to write more things in yarn, but sleepiness won. ;)
Okay, now you make your name in yarn and post it and leave the link in the comments!!
To get it started let's play tag!
Tag 5 buds to write their name in yarn or ribbon!
1. Amber at Hoot-N-Annie
2. Kate at Cute-N-Boot
5. Heather at Heatherlymade
and anyone else who wants to do it!
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Great Owl Crochet-Along!

Here's the skinny:
  • Karla at Itsy Bitsy Spider will be providing lessons to help get you though your project and I will be providing moral support for amigurumi newbies. Please remember I have NEVER made one, so we can learn together. I''ll be your cheerleader!
  • You do not need to know how to make amigurumi to sign up for this project, but you do need to know some basic crochet stitches, including singe crochet, half-double crochet, and decrease.
  • You can make your owl any color and customize as much as you want. The more diversity, the better! There's even set up aFlikr group where you can show off your creations!
  • At the end, you can choose to participate in am optional swap. If you want to participate in the swap, please plan to have your owl in my hands by August 1, 2010. Details on this to follow for those who opt in to the swap!
  • Karla is providing a free copy of her owl pattern to EVERYONE that signs up!
So, are you ready to sign up? Visit my sign up form and reserve your spot today! The last day to sign up for this crochet-along is May 30 -- so don't miss out on the fun!

Get your Great Owl Crochet-Along Badge now!
And if you have any questions -ASK! :)

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The week so far.... seen through my iPhone.
My TADO toys came in from Kidrobot! Tado oozes cute!
Oh but then look who else oozes cute - Mickey! He got a hair cut and looks hilarious in my opinion! He's so smiley!

My dad saved this bottle for me! He's so sweet and such a goof! I appreciate him so much!

Lauren and Pumpkin (her lil stinky yorkie - stinky, but cute)
We got frozen yogurt yesterday together. I like having her here and not all the way in Nashville, but I know soon she'll have to leave.
Lauren and I went to our Aunt Jackie's this weekend and made fancy pillow cases. Well I only made one so far, but when I make the set I'll show em off to you all!
These are the colors I chose - what do you think?

I didn't realize today was Wednesday, I feel a bit spacey! You know those days where you have a zillion different thoughts and ideas - your brain feels like it may burst - but in a good way lol if there is one! My braids are back because I need a hair cut. I do love braids in the warm weather!
What are you kiddos up to?
Probably getting your designs together for printing huh?! Because you need printing! lol I want to make this! What are you working on? And if it was your birthday soon, what would you want? :)
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Sweet Scrapper

Alexa, the scrap-tress over at Curly Wiggles, sent me this very cute mini scrapbook! Can I please point out the Roy G Biv (rainbow) action going on? -awesome! This was a very thoughtful gift! Thank you so much!
I have the perfect hipstamatic iPhone photos to fill up the mini book! They are the perfect size! Even if you're not a scrapbooker you'll love Alexa's blog!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You need Sonic Print!

Click image to view large!

Many of you have asked where I get my business cards and postcards printed -! Do you have an awesome etsy site, but not so awesome business cards to promote to your customers? Do you want nice, thick, full color postcards to send to your customers - DUH of course you do! Well now you can get 20% off your print order through July 2010 over at just for being crafty! Plus get free ground shipping if you create a post about the 20% off Sonic Print products or add this badge to your site (and leave me a note that you did so)!


Now I bet you're thinking - "I have NO design skills!" "What 300 dpi?" "CMY-who?"

Have NO fear! I know some pretty awesome graphic designers!
First, a very dear friend of my Mrs. Molly LeBlanc from Design at Night can help.
I talked to her today and she just loves reading all your comments and blogs!
She offered HALF off her design services!
Another very wonderful graphic designer is Courtney Bruesch, you may know her from the buttons she designed for Janel!
Love the look of Illustrator? I do! And guess who does incredible Illustrator design, Miss Steph Dillon! You remember her from her famous Mickey design ;)

Now go start thinking of awesome business card ideas! Email these designers and order some printing over at Sonic Print!
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The Great Granny Square Swap

So excited about all the grannies I received from The Great Granny Square Swap!
I really want there to be a part 2 of the swap :) what do you think?
I put together a flickr set and go take a look at the GGSS group!
Thank you Amber, you really are the BEST and thank you all for your beautiful work!
Do you want to learn to make granny squares? This booklet is all you need to learn!
Go get in on the The Great Granny Square Swap giveaway!
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Monday, May 17, 2010

About a Strumpet

Hello! My name is Becky Farley and I love to make stuff! This is my blog; Strumpet's Crumpets, I started it to share my ideas and to let other crafters know how wonderful their ideas are!
(difficult to sew with a chubby pup in your lap)

I have a love of crafts! You name it, I'll try it; quilting, painting, embroidery, crocheting! My Aunt Jackie has really taught me everything I know about sewing, quilting, and embroidery - though I have SO much more to learn from her - thank goodness she has the patience of a saint. My family is a crafty one, they are a pretty creative group - I'm very lucky to have them and their clever ideas! I really love the craft blog community, because it helps me understand and learn new techniques. I've tried to make Strumpet's Crumpets a place to help answer questions and make the tricky crafts look a bit easier.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by love. Everyday is a day to make wonderful things happen - this may sound way corny, but it's completely true. Patience, understanding, and love will get you so far, I don't think there's a limit to happiness.
This is my little pup Mickey - he's pretty much the goofiest, cuddliest pup there is!

Also....I have a few tattoos. My camera is my most favorite possession, I'm never without it! I love starbucks to a fault - pretty sure about that. Halloween is my favorite holiday and on November 1st I always begin planning for the next Halloween! I bake, but do not cook very well, but I'm completely willing to learn and fingers cross I maybe good at it someday! I live in Florida and love the sunshine very much! I honestly could image not living in Florida! My Farley gang makes my world go round -they are everything to me :)

I have love on vinyl toys, specifically dunnys. I couldn't even tell you how many I have - ALOT!
So to recap, I'm a toy collecting, tattooed crafter who is very fortunate to be content with my happy little life! So there you go that's just a bit about me! I hope you enjoy all my posts and stories! I'd love to hear your input; what would you like to see more of, less of, etc. Let me know!
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