Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I have a problem - Plants vs Zombies!

Plants vs Zombies is a little game you can play on your iPhone or iPad and it is AWESOME!
I don't play games on my phone with the exception of Tetris, which I had to ween myself off, oh and sudoku, but that doesn't count. But Plants vs Zombies is addicting - Seriously! You have to protect your home from Zombies with the help of pea firing plants and other plants in your yard.
As I was going through all the awesome granny squares from our swap, I saw these plushies on
Alix's blog. She made these awesome Plants vs Zombie plushies. I think I saw them before on there, but had no clue what they were til now.
She has the pattern for sale in her etsy shop!
I love them so much! I want to make one, or 5!
Molly, does Adam have these lego zombies? Because I would like one too! Adam you can be this for Halloween - Please!

I love EVERYTHING miss Katiekutthoart makes :)
This particular Nut Up or Shut Up cross stitching is a saying from Zombie Land.

Ice brain molds from ThinkGeek - I do own a brain jello mold ps!
Some Zombie reading! Also this!
Halloween is only 5 months or so away! Farley family, you wanna be Zombies? Maybe Gilligan's Island as Zombies? Think about it!

Let me know if you play this Plant vs Zombies game and that you think about it!
Or now if you go download it you'll be ruined for sure!
Oh and I keep forgetting to tell you I was Featured over at Punk Projects! They have a Indie Summer Camp Craft Class - you should join!
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Jenn said...

technically, I'm a zombie o.O
I was born dead. However, zombie games are tons of fun :)

chelseybell. said...

i love the plushies. so cute!

Consider my dear said...

I'll have to make my boyfriend download it on his phone

MissAlyssa said...

i have yet to play it for myself but ive seen my friend playing it... its awesome! im afraid to start playing cause i know ill be addicted! i love the costume idea!

PaperCameraScissor said...

I will see if my dh will down load it on his ipad.

Oh my gosh those plushies are so cute and those lego zombiesmy son would love them. I wonder if someone made them or if you can buy them. his bday is next week and he loves legos!!!

you always find the coolest goodies! THANKS for sharing :D

Stars & Rockets said...

I <3 the Zombie love!!
I didn't know there were Lego zombies... I have to find them!!

arixystix said...

I <3 Zombies! Except when they are trying to attack my house.

I have never read the Zombie Survival Guide but I hear it is REALLY good.

If you like fiction, there is another book called World War Z and there are a lot of stories from various perspectives while a Zombie apocalypse is happening all over the world! Really cool.

Thank you for posting about my plushies!

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

OMFG! I LOVE PLANTS VS ZOMBIES!!! If you have the sound effects on it's even better. I love the squishy noises and the occasional shouts of "brains!"

carly. said...

mikey actually has a sword...maybe a machete of sorts that is kept beside the bed. do you want to know why? so that he will be prepared when zombies attack.

the survival guide is his fave

The Curious Pug said...

whaaaat!? those zombie plant things are so cool!!

katie said...

omg the plants are so adorable!! love them!

The Fancy Lady said...

i have those zombie recipe cards i love them you should make some zombie post cards for your shop!

The Fancy Lady said...

i also saw venus fly trap growing kits at the store the other day for $6 this makes me wanna go get several lol

katiebug92 said...

I've never played that game, but I love DoodleJump! Its another game on the iphone. :)

xoxo, Katie

p.s. Thanks for mentioning Camp Indie, I cant wait for it to start.

Molly Le Blanc said...

Beck! I LOVE the Zombie blog :) And those legos are amazing! And if we can make the lego costume Adam would totally rock it. Have fun this weekend! xoxo

Lacey said...

OMG I have a slight obsession with zombies!

The Cookie Button said...

Loving the zombie lego.

arixystix said...

Doodle Jump is AWESOME!!

Illustrated Ink said...

Becky, thanks so much for featuring my recipe cards! :) I appreciate the love!

And yes, zombies are the best - great post!