Monday, May 10, 2010

Lovely Weekend

Hope everyone had a very wonderful weekend! Our lil Mags did! She's feeling so much better! Thank goodness! I gave her the pink/yellow/brown crocheted blanket....almost finished! lol just two more rows to go and it will be finished!
I'm go to try a scalloped edge - does anyone know how to do that? If you do I will be SO grateful! Just leave a comment about it and I'll email you!
I come by my craftiness honestly - my dad (super crafty fellow) made this adirondack chair for my Nanny. She loved it! He's making a matching table. Shouldn't he open a etsy shop?
All the mamas and my family had a wonderful afternoon together! We ate so much, as we always do. Watched some Life on Discovery - have you been watching this? It's my favorite!
Here is my fat baby, Mickey! He didn't leave my lap yesterday, which made crocheting difficult. He really is the sweetest puppy! He just wants lots of love! I started my Sookie book 10 and by start I mean just the first chapter because this weekend was kinda crazy! But really good crazy! I missed Sookie and the gang. I wish I could read and crochet and clean and sew all at once.
The Farleys have tons of traditions but not really one for Mother's Day, do you all? Something specific you do only on Mother's Day?
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chelseybell. said...

i'm totally going to pay your dad to make my porch furniture one day. when i have a real house!

i wish i could read, watch tv, clean, sew, and crochet all at once. it would make life so much easier!

love the pink, yellow, and brown blanket. the color combo is really pretty!

corrina darling said...

usually for a scalloped edge you do a single crochet, skip a chain, then double crochet 5-6 times into the same chain, the skip a chain, the SC into the next, skip one, DC 5 times into the next, skip, and so on. make sense?

are you on ravelry at all? they've got a lot of good patterns, helpful forums, etc, and if you search patterns they have a lot of tutorials for stitches, etc.

Carrie said...

I love the colors on the blanket! i am glad you had a great weekend!


Jamie said...

Oh I loooove the chair your dad made!!!! I wish he could make me a set and ship them! ;) That would probably be quite expensive tho. ha!
I love your blanket!!! That's next on my list of things to try. We don't have any Mother's Day traditions. I was sick all weekend so my weekend didn't exactly go as planned! Hope you have a wonderful day!

carly. said...

he totally should open an etsy, thought it might be hard to ship chairs that size, i'd imagine the shipping would be rather expensive, haha!!

i love love love your giant granny square blankets. i have an afghan that my gramma made me that goes on our bed but it's all white and so is our duvet cover. would it be possible at all, to pay you to knit me a big granny square blanket?? i've wanted a new knitted blanket for so long and whenever i go to thrift shops i get turned off of buying one there as it's not mine...does that make sense? anyway...if you're at all interested, let me know how much it would be! i would love one made by you :)

Becky Farley said...

Corrina - Thank you thank you! I am on ravelry, but I'm not super familiar with it so I don't use it and I know I should! :)

Carly - Of course I will crochet you a blanket!! :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Great blanket!! The colors are perfect together.

Mickey looks as if he had a little trim. I need to get poor Gizmo into see our groomer. Only if I could do it myself, like you.

Yes, your dad should open an etsy!!

Kjirsten said...

Eeeeek...I love your blanket!!!!
Your dad is doing a great job as well!! Love the color!

Amber said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend. I love the chair your dad made. He should definetly be selling those! The color is great too. I am sure your mom loved the afghan. I have a pattern for the scallop edging at home so I will email it to you later. It is pretty simple and I don't think you will have any problems. What size are you making your afghans. I think I am almost finished with my very first giant granny. It is going in the family reunion auction.
If you figure out how to craft/read/clean and sew all at once can you teach me?
I wish we lived closer. I think that most days:)
Happy Wednesday!!