Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pennies For Pita

Think of all the loose change you have in the bottom of your purse or in the cup holders of your car -well here is a wonderful use for it! Janel over at Runs with Scissors is planning on adopting. Go take a look at her blog, if you don't know her already, and you will fall in love with her - trust me :) Adoption is very wonderful, but also VERY costly - so these two crazy kids in love need your help!
I'm putting the baby bottles in my office (this of course had everyone curious - me with baby bottles :) not yet people). I go get lunch for everyone a good chuck of the time, so I can get out of the office for a bit. People will give me money for their lunch, and now if they have change (coins) it goes in the bottles!! Once all the bottles are filled up I'll send them to Janel and her hubby!
If not for adoption my family wouldn't have little Nina to crack us up and sass back to my brother ;) So grab a baby bottle and fill it up!
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A Beautiful Party said...

I signed up for a bottle. Can't wait to get it by it will be funny having a baby bottle around my house. ( : Its nice of you to advertise this on your blog. Just reminded me that I should do the same. Thanks!

janel. said...

Becky!! I love you so much :)
This post made me cry!
Thanks so much for your support it means so much to Adam and I and of course it will to Pita too.
She will have a really cool Auntie Becky now :)

lolo sr said...

This is awesome :) come by our house and pick up change, too!

Lindsay said...

this is so awesome of you!!

Elizabeth said...

This is a great idea Becky! You are such an awesome person :)

PaperCameraScissor said...

Awww this post is the best!! I have been collecting change too for Janel. Last weekend I was at my mom's helping her clean out drawers. I asked her if I could have all her change--:D

cupcake cutie said...

becky, you are so sweet and have a huge heart!
what a precious idea!