Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Sweetest Things

This little puppy just makes me so happy! There is nothing like coming home to a lil pup that goes bonkers when he sees you! After work I took him to Starbucks and we got a free ninty nine frappachino, I think it's because Mick is so cute!
Amber sent me a shirt that I purchased from her blog sale (like a yard sale). And she sent me Hello Kitty shrinky dinks! First of all, I love shrinky dinks SO much! More shrinky dink'n here.
And I have a secret love for Hello Kitty - or Herro Kitty as I like to say! ;) So shrinky dinks and Herro Kitty combined is super awesome!
She also sent me a ball of Vanna yarn, you know the lady who is pretty on Wheel of Fortune, well she has her own yarn. If I was super Vanna rich I'd definitely make or endorse something I could craft with, but what? Yarn is obviously taken by Vanna, so what would you make/endorse?
What made me also VERY excited about this yarn is that it is the exact color of "old Leave" by I Love this Yarn yarn, which I love and they no long sell on And there's no Hobby Lobby's near me :( Anyways, Thank you Thank you Amber for being so sweet and so thoughtful! Hope you all are having a very wonderful Thursday!
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Michelle (michabella) said...

Your puppy is the cutest!!! What kind of pup is it? I think my friend just got one like yours...they get so happy to see you! I love it! And I so love the color of that yarn...I didnt know Vanna had her own! Have a great day! <333

chelseybell. said...

cute mickey!

email me your address and maybe i can round up some old leaf for you (i think i even have a skein) :).

amber is such a sweetheart!

Becky Farley said...

Michelle - Mickey is a maltese! We grew up with two maltese and I decided they are the best pups and found Mick :)

Chelsey - I'm gonna email you now :) Amber is, and so are you!

corrina darling said...

i love vanna's choice! it's what i've been using. i like her color ways, and lion brand is carried at a LOT of craft stores. if you're buying online, it's a good yarn to look for on sale. i swear joann's has got it discounted every other week.

carly. said...

awww he is the super cutest!! he always looks so soft and fluffy

i can't wait to meet him one day

aubrey said...

There is no Hobby Lobby by me either...although that is probably a good thing. I love the greeting I get from my dogs when I get home from school. They also learned to always greet the baby too by giving her a quick lick. So cute :)

eef said...

What a cute puppy!

I love the I Love this Yarn! I'm using some of it right now in a blanket! I love that it's soft and good quality and WASHABLE! =]

Hey, is free ground shipping at Sonic Print still available? I added their button to my sidebar, but now I'm not sure what I need to do to get it. Thanks!

Amber said...

You are so welcome girl! I can't believe how the yarn matches so well. I am thinking they aren't making that color in Vanna anymore either. I bought a whole bunch on clearance at Michaels. It seems everytime I find something I love they either change it or discontinue it. Boo!!!

Happy Friday!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Mickey is adorable as always! I know what you mean about them being excited to see you. Gizmo is super hyper when we get home and if he is not the first to say hi before Dozer he gets upset. I can tell--:D

Oh my gosh I am going to be on the search for those Hello Kitty shrinky dinks. I love both !!

Never knew Vanna was into yarn.

The Cookie Button said...

I am a big hello kitty fan too!

Celina said...

Awe your puppy is adorable! I seriously love Hello Kitty too, maybe a little too much! Haha.

Stars & Rockets said...

I bought some Vanna yarn! I was surprised that she was on the packaging.
And who doesn't have a soft spot for Hello Kitty?!?!