Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The week so far.... seen through my iPhone.
My TADO toys came in from Kidrobot! Tado oozes cute!
Oh but then look who else oozes cute - Mickey! He got a hair cut and looks hilarious in my opinion! He's so smiley!

My dad saved this bottle for me! He's so sweet and such a goof! I appreciate him so much!

Lauren and Pumpkin (her lil stinky yorkie - stinky, but cute)
We got frozen yogurt yesterday together. I like having her here and not all the way in Nashville, but I know soon she'll have to leave.
Lauren and I went to our Aunt Jackie's this weekend and made fancy pillow cases. Well I only made one so far, but when I make the set I'll show em off to you all!
These are the colors I chose - what do you think?

I didn't realize today was Wednesday, I feel a bit spacey! You know those days where you have a zillion different thoughts and ideas - your brain feels like it may burst - but in a good way lol if there is one! My braids are back because I need a hair cut. I do love braids in the warm weather!
What are you kiddos up to?
Probably getting your designs together for printing huh?! Because you need printing! lol I want to make this! What are you working on? And if it was your birthday soon, what would you want? :)
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Courtney said...

I've got a big thick braid on the side of my hair too! Great minds huh?
p.s. I AM working on my printing needs hehe..

Michelle (michabella) said...

I always try to braid my hair but it never turns out does when I braid others though...what the heck?! I got side tracked from it being Wednesday too! Too busy with school, it stresses me out. Boo. Mickey is too cute! <333

Kim-Anh NGUYEN said...

aw the octopus plushie is adorable!

i'm currently searching photoshop for macbook to make my print more professional! maybe it will be ready next week...i hope!

christinaalessi said...

That Mario blanket is off the hook. (Pun intended)

And yay to stinky puppies.

chelseybell. said...

mickey looks too cute. so suave with his haircut.

i know this is horrible. but, i've never actually seen the movie of gone with the wind. now, i'm waiting to read the book before i see it,so i can be one of those people that's all "nuh-uh!' when it strays from the book.

love your braids!

Christine said...

Crazy girl, your hair always look good:) braids or not.
And your pillow are going to be so cute, i like the red fabric with the blue flowers. Is it vintage?

boots said...

Im wearing braids in my hair today and trying to write my name with yarn :) THANKS!

Amber said...

Is your sister home for the summer? I am sure you are so happy for her to be back!
Love the braids and that mario afghan is the bomb!! WOW!! What a great gift for a friend of mine for christmas. Hmmm...better get to working on it now! Ha!

PaperCameraScissor said...

Love the Mario afghan!
Love the hair too!! I have had braids but its been awhile.

The Cookie Button said...

Love the toys ^_^

Stars & Rockets said...

I absolutely adore braids! And my birthday is soonish - 1 1/2 months! I want a Diana camera and lots of books!