Tuesday, May 18, 2010

You need Sonic Print!

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Many of you have asked where I get my business cards and postcards printed - SonicPrint.com! Do you have an awesome etsy site, but not so awesome business cards to promote to your customers? Do you want nice, thick, full color postcards to send to your customers - DUH of course you do! Well now you can get 20% off your print order through July 2010 over at SonicPrint.com just for being crafty! Plus get free ground shipping if you create a post about the 20% off Sonic Print products or add this badge to your site (and leave me a note that you did so)!


Now I bet you're thinking - "I have NO design skills!" "What 300 dpi?" "CMY-who?"

Have NO fear! I know some pretty awesome graphic designers!
First, a very dear friend of my Mrs. Molly LeBlanc from Design at Night can help.
I talked to her today and she just loves reading all your comments and blogs!
She offered HALF off her design services!
Another very wonderful graphic designer is Courtney Bruesch, you may know her from the buttons she designed for Janel!
Love the look of Illustrator? I do! And guess who does incredible Illustrator design, Miss Steph Dillon! You remember her from her famous Mickey design ;)

Now go start thinking of awesome business card ideas! Email these designers and order some printing over at Sonic Print!
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wallflower said...

Wow, this is awesome.
I have always wondered where people make postcards, or where I can find cheap business cards.

I'm definitely checking this out soon!

Kim-Anh NGUYEN said...

it's a really good idea!!! mh i'm planning to do some bookmark :-)

Lindsay said...

Thanks so much for sharing!!!! I really really need ideas now to get started!!

Molly Le Blanc said...

Good morning Strumpeters! :)

I would love to do your design for you! I can design anything print-wise - you name it. And if you decide to just print something that you have created, Sonic Print really does great quality work. Printing is fun!! - don't forget all my design services are half off JUST for you :)


Bonnie said...

Thanks for the recommendation! Someday I hope to open an etsy shop, I always wondered about those business cards.

Amber said...

I love my cards Sonic Print did for me! They rock!! I will be adding the Crafty gals heart sonic print button to my blog!

eef said...


I added the button to my sidebar! =] What a great deal!

What else do I need to do for the free shipping?