Wednesday, June 30, 2010

is the weekend here yet?

little mickester!

That's Mickey's waiting patiently face. I wish weekends started on Wednesday! Wouldn't that be amazing!? I'm off to go meet up with Amber and Scott, you know them as the Poots! ;) Very stoked! It's been a wonderful, busy, unexpected week so far and we're only half way there! I'm looking forward to the weekend and sunshine! Next week I'll be back and I'll be crafty I promise!
Hope you're have a lovely Wednesday!
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ps. you need this

Summer Skirts by Carly

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Jello

The look of Jello is a wonderful thing to me! It's so neat! I'm not a huge fan of making it because it's so sticky, but I love the end result! We had a birthday at work, so it was a perfect reason to make Rainbow Jello (minus red, because we used that for the jello brains).
I use the quick setting directions on the side of the Jello box to make layers quickly!
Each layer takes about an hour to set, so give yourself some time!
Tasty favors! Last summer I went Jello crazy here and here.
Wooden spoon from Urban Outfitters! I got all the mamas in my life one for Mother's Day!

I did not give myself enough time for the orange to set :)
So the orange was a bit drippy - still taste good!
The kiddos LOVED it - even with it's drippiness :)
Anyone know some good jello recipes? Cool molds? I'd love to hear your ideas!
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I'm in love

With my Summer Skirt by Carly! It's so perfect Carly! Thank you, thank you!
Now ladies - you need to buy one of these skirts! They are so pretty and perfect for the warm summer weather! Just go visit Carly's site and email her your size and colors!
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Monday, June 28, 2010

Lego Love

Who didn't grow up LOVING legos!? My siblings and I would play for hours! We had buckets and buckets of legos, which are still at my parents' house, my little cousin play with them when they visit. My cousin Robbie is the BIGGEST lego fan I know! He's 7 and he takes such pride in his legos - it's very cute!
These would make any Lego themed birthday x10 more awesome!
Thought you scrapper gals out there would like this Lego Bound Book!
This Lego Pin Up print is my FAVORITE! So perfect!
Lego Heart over at Shanalogic, or here (cheaper.......shush).
I got this shirt for my darling friend, Molly's hubby who LOVES legos like a 6 year old does ;)
I love Legos because they make kids use their brains, but they are still tons of fun!
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Friday, June 25, 2010

My iPhone 4 Adventure

Yesterday I left work a bit early, thinking I was slick, getting my iPhone before the after work rush, but no! Our Apple store in Tampa is at the mall - this is the longest I've ever spent at the mall(total - ever)!
This was 4 hours in, I was tired and sunburnt! But not hungry because Chick-a-fila gave out sandwiches and water - I was so surprised and thankful! The people around me in line were great company, but next time I will search for the SHIP button when reserving my next iPhone ;)
It was worth it! I'm stoked about my new iPhone 4. Awesome front facing camera and video chatting. Some line observation - mostly guys, girls my age (27), and GEEKS!
Pretty stoked :)
ps please don't think I'm rotten, I sold my iPhone 3GS for the same price I bought my iPhone 4 = $0 bucks spent! Anyone have any good iPhone 4 stories? I'd love to hear them!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tag you're it!

Carol Anne over at This is Charming tagged me! I have been tagged to answer her 8 questions and than write 8 more questions and tag 8 people.

1. What song is stuck in your head right now?
Here Comes My Girl - tom petty
I was putting music on my iPhone and it came on. Tom Petty reminds me of my sister - I miss you Lo! We say her song is Don't Back Down by tom petty - it's fitting.

2. What was the worst job you had?
Working at a tanning bed while going to school -WORST boss ever, but I got to read most of the time, like 2 to 3 books a week - I should have been doing homework.

3. What is your favorite summer activity?
Going to the beach, snorkeling, anything involving water - it's hot in Florida!

4. Where would you go if you could go anywhere today?
To Boston to see my best friend Kristin! I haven't seen her in what feels like FOREVER! I miss you Kris!

5. What is something you would love to learn?
ummm there's such a long list! French, Arabic, to draw, knit, make clothes, how to build furniture (tables, shelves, etc.) out of wood - not ikea furniture, COOK! There's more but I can't think of them all!

6. Do you like thunderstorms or do you get nervous?
I LOVE thunderstorms! They are a good excuse to read or clean or crochet or cuddle!

7. Do you collect anything? If yes, what do you collect?
Oh yes - I collect collections! Dunnys, fabric, Mickey like things, teacups, pincushions, Good Night Moon books.

8. Tell us a favorite childhood memory.
Geez there's so so many! Going to North Carolina every year for family vacation. We'd go white water rafting, hiking, not sleeping in the "rat room" once we may or may not have heard a mouse in one room in the cabin (probably not a mouse), fighting in the back of the car for 12 hours, calling to sit behind Mags so she couldn't pop us while fighting and because she was so much shorter than Larbear.

Ok now your turn! I want everyone to do it! Put your answers in the comments :)
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Fun for hours


With an alphabet rolling stamp (reminds me of our grade school library stamp)! Think of the possibilities! I found mine here.
My dream job (if it paid well) would be being a librarian, seriously! All those books, all that quietness, I'd shush kids who'd walk by ;) Card catalog holders, stamping the due date in books, the dewey decimal system, I love you! I'm sure it's all done by computers now - whompwhomp, but a girl can dream ;) What would your dream job be?
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chop chop

I chopped my hair again! It feels much better in the Florida heat! My hair guy had an exam thingie and I got to be his model (guinea pig), which meant FREEninetynine cut and highlights - so I was in! Also please note my Mickey's tee! My dad save a Mickey's bottle for me awhile back and I found the tee of it! Oh Mickey, you are the most rotten pup ever, good thing you're so cute!
Tomorrow is the iPhone 4 release, but some lucky people got theirs today! Can't wait for mine! We've been playing with the new one in the office for a good chunk of the day! Did everyone else get theirs today?
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Good Stuff

Lately I haven't been crafting as much as I would like (edit - I've been working on a zillion projects, just none are finished), but I sure have been finding inspiration everywhere! Especially these illustrations by Steph Dillon! You may remember this; the most amazing design ever ;)

My cousins' last name is Fox, so I'm always keeping an eye out for fox stuff!
I love these foxes so much!
Check out Steph's Drop Cap It Project
What have you been inspired by lately?
Oh and ps I loved reading all your comments in the Love Where You're From.... post! Keep em coming! Some were sweet and some funny! Thank you for all your comments - you guys are wonderful!

New Strumpet's Crumpets Button by Steph Dillon!


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Love where you're from....

...with etsy's help! Look at all this great Florida stuff! Now Florida may produce more souvenirs then other states thanks to the sunshine, our beaches, and Disney. But I bet you can find some great vintage items from your home state!
There's a ton of these old tea towels! Who knew?

Not so cute when they're 6 feet long and hungry, but they were here first!

Florida pennants! Near my old apartment there was this great pizza place and they had the best collection of old Florida stuff! When I'd eat there I'd just stare and want everything on the walls!
Florida Souvenir Hankie from Vintage Pickle! She's an awesome etsy seller ps!

Citrus Coasters! A slice of Florida ;) corny I know! I really want a Florida tablecloth, but they cost a small fortune!

This 813 S. Tampa tattoo is on my inner arm - I love where I'm from ps ;)
What about you? Does your hometown hold a special place in your heart or is it more of a good riddance kinda deal?
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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Larbear!

You're the best dad ever!! :)
love, beck
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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Again with the Zombies....

Brains anyone? I happen to own a brain mold and I made some jello brains! Tasty!

Aren't these Zombie items by Idle Afternoon pretty awesome! You never know when you'll need a Zombie Field Guide!
Boom! Pow! KO! These prints and tees from TinaSeaMonster's etsy crack me up!
Check out her blog here!
And the best for last....this Plants vs Zombies iPad decal!! Pretty hilarious! If you still haven't played Plants vs Zombies you are missing out!!
Tomorrow is Friday - get stoked!
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Lookie here!

Awhile back I won these very awesome items from Carina's Craft Blog!
The first is a crocheted bracelet and the second felt garland! That tiny felt garland has to be so tricky to sew together! I did it once for Valentine's Day -VERY tricky!
And I thought I'd share my new Kidrobot tee! They have all their summer clothes out now - no new girl stuff (edit - no girl clothes period- whompwhomp), but I just buy the boys smalls! Plus look who has some amazing stuff over at Kidrobot! :) She's my favorite!
Hope your Wednesday is going well!
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Yarn Writing

Awhile back I did this! Cursive Yarn!
The lovely Amber did it! She's pretty much the best!
Also the way too cute Christina! She dubbed it Yarnmanship :)
We should make it a new photoshop font if there isn't one already!
I would love to see your names in yarn :)
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Pretty Darn Cute

Erin over at eef-ink is pretty darn cute. I enjoy her blog very much!
She has a love of coffee! I understand I love coffee too, well anything with caffeine really!
Take a peek at her very cute prints on etsy!
And here! You'll love them! :)
Hope your Tuesday is going well!
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