Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hello Jello

The look of Jello is a wonderful thing to me! It's so neat! I'm not a huge fan of making it because it's so sticky, but I love the end result! We had a birthday at work, so it was a perfect reason to make Rainbow Jello (minus red, because we used that for the jello brains).
I use the quick setting directions on the side of the Jello box to make layers quickly!
Each layer takes about an hour to set, so give yourself some time!
Tasty favors! Last summer I went Jello crazy here and here.
Wooden spoon from Urban Outfitters! I got all the mamas in my life one for Mother's Day!

I did not give myself enough time for the orange to set :)
So the orange was a bit drippy - still taste good!
The kiddos LOVED it - even with it's drippiness :)
Anyone know some good jello recipes? Cool molds? I'd love to hear your ideas!
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Hearthandmade said...

the bottom picture made me laugh loads.. cuz i was reading thinking.. omg that looks delicious i could just stick my face in it.... and the last one looks like it would after i stuck my face in it :P Im actually after some jelly moulds for my birthday party and i was on ebay last week.. i found the funniest one - it was like the shape of a male bum with two hands groping the sides. That made me laugh too but i couldnt see any way that would be appropriate at my proper girly tea party :p lol

Alicia (The Red Deer) said...

So pretty - I just don't think I would have the patience - I like jelly to much and would probably eat the first colour without out making the rest!

kym said...

I don't have any good jello receipes I am afraid...I just put fruit inside at times and a little cool whip on top when we eat it.

I don't make it often enough, to have any recipes.


mangocheeks said...

I loved the spoon.

Stars & Rockets said...

Oh I love jello! Ok so two recipes I know of:
When making jello replace the 1 cup of cold water with 1 cup of applesauce and prepare like normal with hot water as well. The jello has a much thicker texture. It's odd at first but I like it.

The other recipe is replace the 1 cup of cold water with 1 cup of juice concentrate (the frozen cans) and prepare as usual. I haven't tried this but my boyfriend swears it's amazing.