Monday, June 28, 2010

Lego Love

Who didn't grow up LOVING legos!? My siblings and I would play for hours! We had buckets and buckets of legos, which are still at my parents' house, my little cousin play with them when they visit. My cousin Robbie is the BIGGEST lego fan I know! He's 7 and he takes such pride in his legos - it's very cute!
These would make any Lego themed birthday x10 more awesome!
Thought you scrapper gals out there would like this Lego Bound Book!
This Lego Pin Up print is my FAVORITE! So perfect!
Lego Heart over at Shanalogic, or here (cheaper.......shush).
I got this shirt for my darling friend, Molly's hubby who LOVES legos like a 6 year old does ;)
I love Legos because they make kids use their brains, but they are still tons of fun!
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...on the brink of something beautiful said...

after reading this post i want to go play legos soo badly. lol
that lego necklace tho is just amazing!!!

LDTillustrations said...

Coming out of lurking to say... that lego pin-up is awesome! And the party bags. Ha, I'd forgotten how much I used to love lego - I had a lego train set that I absolutely loved, but it was missing a part of the track and sometimes the train would get stuck on the carpet, lol :)

onelatenight said...

That lego pin up just made my life!!! I need it so bad!

Would it be so wrong to have a lego themed 27 year old birthday party next year...I shall ponder that haha.

Amazing finds!

xo. Kyla

Laurie Anne said...

We have a huge tote in the basement filled with Lego~you just reminded me to pack it up to take to our new cabin :)

euphoria said...

the lego pin up rocks my world!! Okay, so do the treat bags :o)

Tina Marie said... that lego husband has bins & bins full of legos currently chillin' in our dining room! I HAVE to get him that shirt, he would love it! Thanks!

Becky Farley said...

:) I love that you all LOVE legos!!! Jess - I bought two pinup lego ladies lol
lil LTD lurker I love that you came out of lurking :)

Molly Le Blanc said...

Becky I love this blog! Love the pin up girl and the lego scrap book. Adam loves his shirt and wears it often! Fun fun - and ps I want some jello :)