Friday, June 25, 2010

My iPhone 4 Adventure

Yesterday I left work a bit early, thinking I was slick, getting my iPhone before the after work rush, but no! Our Apple store in Tampa is at the mall - this is the longest I've ever spent at the mall(total - ever)!
This was 4 hours in, I was tired and sunburnt! But not hungry because Chick-a-fila gave out sandwiches and water - I was so surprised and thankful! The people around me in line were great company, but next time I will search for the SHIP button when reserving my next iPhone ;)
It was worth it! I'm stoked about my new iPhone 4. Awesome front facing camera and video chatting. Some line observation - mostly guys, girls my age (27), and GEEKS!
Pretty stoked :)
ps please don't think I'm rotten, I sold my iPhone 3GS for the same price I bought my iPhone 4 = $0 bucks spent! Anyone have any good iPhone 4 stories? I'd love to hear them!
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carly. said...

lucky girl! plus, that definitely seems to have worked out well for you, in terms of money and it costing you nothing!

i want an iphone just for the hipstamatic app cause it takes sweet photos!!

ps: you look pretty!!

Jamie said...

You're too cute! It'd be worth it for the Chik-fil-a sandwich! haha!
Happy weekend to you!

cuteseas said...

i want an iphone so bad!!!


CupKay said...

I don't have an iPhone so I can't really relate with this post... sigh. I WISH I HAD ONE THOUGH! All I can say is that the sky in that first picture is so beautiful! It kind of looks like a backdrop! haha

daNgo said...

wasnt the company GREAT? and all the people that were there to SUPPORT YOU? huh? huh? HUH? lol.

We have yet to FaceTime btw...

Becky Farley said...

yes daniel, thank goodness for you and your love of apple and apple fellows ;) thank you for the company!! ps you don't need to see my fat face on facetime - everyday at work is face time lol