Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Paper Origami Fortune Teller DIY

Remember these?! You could put fortunes in them or boys names or yes, no, maybe's! The possibilities were endless!
You start with a square sheet of paper. Any size.

Then fold each corner point inwards, so the points touch in the middle.
Then flip it over and fold each corner to the inward again with the points touching in the middle!
Now write numbers on the outside and colors on the inside and fortunes on the other side of the colors. I wrote positive fortunes on this yellow one, but I believe in 3rd grade we decide which boy in the class we loved from this all knowing source ;) I'm sure I got the boy who repeated farted in class. Do you remember what you wrote inside your paper origami fortune teller?
And tada!
Once you've popped in open and it fits in your hands nicely, obviously get to town telling someone their fortune! Pick a number! (counting to that number, move the paper open and closed)
Now pick a color (spelling the color, move the paper open and closed) pick another color and under that color holds your fortune!
And there you go! The all knowing paper origami fortune teller can help you with any problem!
Paper Origami Fortune Teller
Let know about your fortune telling days in grade school! :)
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chelseybell. said...

ooohhhhh my god. totally going to make one of these.

Katie said...

Been reading you for a little bit, but haven't commented until now... Hi!

I used to make these all the time as a kid. We called them cootie catchers. When my brother was ten, he made one and used it to tell our dad's fortune. It came up as "you get a new TV" and my dad said "ok, let's go get it" and we bought a new TV. Turns out he was already planning on getting a TV soon, but it completely blew both of our minds that the cootie catcher's fortune came true!

aubrey said...

I used to love these when I was younger. When I was teaching elementary school I made them with the kids to use as study guides for their vocab words--put the word on the outside and the definition on the inside. They loved them. It was then that I learned that they are actually called cootie catchers. Which is kind of a gross name, fortune teller is better. :)

kym said...

I so remember 16 year old had made a few a couple of years ago, and all the treasures inside were the same...I was going to live in a mansion and have 100 kids.

Whew. Glad that didn't happen, the 100 kids I mean, the mansion would be fine.

Courtney said...

Ha! Awesome.
I love when I see a post and think "well yeah, I have a ton of work to do but I REALLY need to stop and just make this like right now!"
Great post/Great Idea!

Amber said...

This brought back a lot of old memories. Love it!

Stars & Rockets said...

I used to make these all the time in school!

A Beautiful Party said...

I made one of these a while back and was so proud of myself for remembering how to do it. I must have made a lot in my day! Probably all filled with boys' names.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this - I couldn't remember how to do it and had to help my son make 70 of them for a classroom project where they "sell" items to the other classrooms - Was determined that his project not be a plastic throwaway item and this was perfect!