Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tag you're it!

Carol Anne over at This is Charming tagged me! I have been tagged to answer her 8 questions and than write 8 more questions and tag 8 people.

1. What song is stuck in your head right now?
Here Comes My Girl - tom petty
I was putting music on my iPhone and it came on. Tom Petty reminds me of my sister - I miss you Lo! We say her song is Don't Back Down by tom petty - it's fitting.

2. What was the worst job you had?
Working at a tanning bed while going to school -WORST boss ever, but I got to read most of the time, like 2 to 3 books a week - I should have been doing homework.

3. What is your favorite summer activity?
Going to the beach, snorkeling, anything involving water - it's hot in Florida!

4. Where would you go if you could go anywhere today?
To Boston to see my best friend Kristin! I haven't seen her in what feels like FOREVER! I miss you Kris!

5. What is something you would love to learn?
ummm there's such a long list! French, Arabic, to draw, knit, make clothes, how to build furniture (tables, shelves, etc.) out of wood - not ikea furniture, COOK! There's more but I can't think of them all!

6. Do you like thunderstorms or do you get nervous?
I LOVE thunderstorms! They are a good excuse to read or clean or crochet or cuddle!

7. Do you collect anything? If yes, what do you collect?
Oh yes - I collect collections! Dunnys, fabric, Mickey like things, teacups, pincushions, Good Night Moon books.

8. Tell us a favorite childhood memory.
Geez there's so so many! Going to North Carolina every year for family vacation. We'd go white water rafting, hiking, not sleeping in the "rat room" once we may or may not have heard a mouse in one room in the cabin (probably not a mouse), fighting in the back of the car for 12 hours, calling to sit behind Mags so she couldn't pop us while fighting and because she was so much shorter than Larbear.

Ok now your turn! I want everyone to do it! Put your answers in the comments :)
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LDTillustrations said...

1. What song is stuck in your head right now?
RHCP - My Friends. I was watching the making of the Dani California video earlier on youtube, and Anthony Kiedis starts singing it in the make up room and it's been stuck in my head ever since!
2. What was the worst job you had?
Hm, that's a tough one. Being a cleaner in a school was gross, then I did a stint at a call centre for a bank and got yelled at all the time, and then I moved on to the night shift stocking shelves at a supermarket. Working in a library totally sucked too. I've had a lot of bad jobs!
3. What is your favorite summer activity?
Just chilling out with my friends and having fun. I like BBQs and going to the beach.
4. Where would you go if you could go anywhere today?
I went to London for my birthday at the beginning on June, and I'm still missing it, Camden was amazing! I'd probably choose to go somewhere a bit further afield though. I've always wanted to go to New Zealand.
5. What is something you would love to learn?
Top of that list is probably to play the guitar! I actually have a guitar but have never learnt to play it. Learn to use my airbrush. Get better with my tattooing. I'd also like to learn Welsh and Italian.
6. Do you like thunderstorms or do you get nervous?
I love thunderstorms, but I do get a bit panicky if I'm caught outside in one!
7. Do you collect anything? If yes, what do you collect?
I used to collect fossils, ones I found myself, not shop bought ones and I still have most of them. Otherwise I guess I'd just say I collect pretty things - my living room is styled kind of shabby chic, so right now I'm buying a lot of quirky old fashioned stuff and ornate picture frames.
8. Tell us a favorite childhood memory.
Ummm, don't know if I can remember any off the top of my head, it's three in the morning and I don't really know why I'm still up! Hm, when I was a kid my parents used to tour around the country on the weekends in a big van that they did up as a motorhome (an RV). I have a lot of fun memories of travelling to various places, we used to go to folk rallies, where there were craft workshops on all week long, that was always pretty cool!

Itsy Bitsy Spider said...

1. What song is stuck in your head?

Scoop, Scoop. Yum, Yum. Ruggles - gotta get me some!

2. Worst job I ever had?

First helper in a blast furnace at a steel mill. Hot, dangerous, dirty, and I worked with a guy whose nickname was "Bumpy."

3. Favorite Summer Activity?

Camping -- although I haven't done that in a while.

4. Where would I go?

For a cappucino in Cafe Rouge in St. Albans, UK. the restaurant used to be a greenhouse and has the yummiest cappucinos!

5. Something I'd love to learn...

Korean. My daughter is from Korea and I would love to help teach her her native language.

6. Thunderstorms...


7. Collections?

I collect witches. I love the idea of a magical old woman and hope to be a magical old woman myself someday.

8. Favorite childhood memory?

I used to love going to Kennywood Park with my aunt and uncle as a child. They would take me on ALL the roller coasters :-)

Mags said...

1.Song - If you're going through hell
2. Worst job - working for 2 certain south tampa physicians
3. Favorite Summer activity - fun in sun with family and friends at pool or beach
4. Fiji in a stilt hut in the water with my wonderful husband (your magnificent father!)
5. The Bible and how to speak Spanish
6. Love thunderstorms!
7. I don't collect anything except Nicholas Sparks books because I read them all.
8. Favorite childhood memories - playing "house" with my neighbor and friend Glenda, and my little brother Robert always wanted to be the Daddy! I also loved, loved, loved staying with my grandmother on weekends in St. Petersburg. She always treated us like we were the only grandchild when we stayed with her. She made us "snicky-snacks" and my favorite was a sprite float.

This was fun Becky!
I love you and I love your childhood memories, except I'm sorry I popped you :( Those 12 hour drives could be horrendous (no car DVD players back then to keep everyone occupied). Have fun with Brian this weekend - tell him I said Hi!

black vanilla rose said...

i want to collect dunnys too