Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hello Sunshine

This week has flown by! I wish we had every Monday off!
This past weekend the whole Farley gang headed up to Dunellon (north of Tampa, near Ocala) and the Rainbow River. My uncle has a river house up there and we had a blast out on the river! We canoed and played Plants vs Zombies and ate alot ;)
Just my dad enjoying the wonderful natural surroundings while reading his Kindle. He LOVES his Kindle, if your dad is a reader it's the perfect father's day gift - for real! Or a iPad because they are more awesome ;)

I recently purchased a Fuji Instax Mini Camera and I love it! My lil cousin, Robbie, was confused as to what a Polaroid was, he's 7 ps. I told him it instantly made the photo, and he was like, "yea, a digital camera?" So I just showed him and he thought it was pretty awesome! That one photo is Danny with an alligator head and the middle one is Robbie sewing (because he LOVES to sew - he's my favorite!).
These is the Optimus Primary Color (get it?) Crocheted Blanket. It's 6 large granny squares all put together! I can't wait til it's finished. Normally I'm not a primary color kind of gal, but this was a special request blanket and I aim to please!

This is something strange, tell me if you've heard of this - in old medicine cabinets in old houses, there's a little opening like this one where you would put old razor blades. My dad was just telling me about this about a week ago and then at the river house I saw this "used blades". Pretty interesting right, but still so strange!

Just Mickey in the car trying to lick my Starbucks drink, it's gross - good thing he's so cute!
I know it's Spring, but here in Florida it's Summer weather completely! Spring weather, the whole week you were was a good one, I'll miss you! I am excited about a sunshine filled weekend! Luckily this weekend I'll have my owl completed for the CAL!
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Michelle (michabella) said...

Yeah it's definitly summer here in FL. We had some awful weather last night...Did Tampa get hit? It was bad... But yeah...Spring was great while it lasted! Atleast we have beaches and pools! <333

Stars & Rockets said...

We still have spring weather up in Ontario, Canada. But soon enough it'll be summer!

I adore the optimus prime blanket!

Laurie Anne said...

The blanket is fantastic!
I have decided I'm going to knit a blanket...wish me luck!
I've never seen a blade disposal slot....very cool!
The pic of your Dad sitting by the river is so sweet...what a beautiful spot.
The weather here in Toronto has been HOT and more summerlike than spring...but who's complaining? NOT me! :)

Hope all is well! Give Mickey a rub for me :) xo

Carrie said...

we are the same way one week of spring then summer full force! I love the blanket!


Allison Drew said...

I love the dunellon area and especially rainbow springs! I'm so glad you get to enjoy it!

Jennifer said...

ughh! I'm so jealous! I need a summer vacation! :)

Tayebug said...

Just found your blog through C'est La Vie. Love it, I'm a new follower. I hope you will follow my blog too.


PaisleyJade said...

Love your pics - and that blade thing is very strange!

Amber said...

Love the blanket!! It is going to be well loved I am sure:)
I would love to be sitting where your dad was in that picture. That would be a great way to end my very stressful Thursday!
I am all for Monday's off too. This week just flew by. I can't believe it will be the weekend soon. Woo hoo!

GraphXGrrl said...

I love my Kindle! It's very addictive to read things on it. lol

I can't wait to be in FL! I'm going to Disney World for a week this month. I always feel like FL is my home away from home. :)

Jenny S said...

It looks lovely out there! So jealous!! And so jealous of your little polaroids too... Cute!

kym said...

Yeah, that razor disposal thing is odd, but I guess it was so nobody got cut if they were just thrown away in the garbage.

Have a great weekend.

Judith Cebreros said...

So far I've only finished one blanket since I've started crocheting. I love your enthusiasm in making them. I still have 3 separate afghan projects I have been working on for a long while. So where do the blades end up?

black vanilla rose said...

i got a instax too, they're so neat. will be great for summer here too :)