Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What I've been up to....

Framing my granny squares from The Great Granny Square Swap. The squares were all different sizes so I am framing them all in black and then I'm going to stitch them all together. What do you think? The amazing Itsy Bitsy Spider, Karla made this with her squares, and I really love it! It's trick because all different types of yarn were used. Tricky tricky!
I made a few more crocheted circles, or as I like to call them crocheted coins. Here's some of my crocheted coins from awhile ago. Now I just need to figure out how to attach them all, because if you recall I was having a tough time with it.
My crochet hook and scissors and my VERY cute love bullets pouch by the VERY cute miss Ashley at Hot Butter! Here is her etsy shop, and if there's no love bullet pouches just ask and she'll make one for you!
More granny squares from the swap! I just think they are all so pretty!

I promise to start using my normal camera again; no more iPhone pictures. Though you know the new iPhone comes out very soon, and it's going to be way awesome with better quality photos so I'm pretty excited about that. Anyone wanna buy a 3GS iPhone in perfect condition? ;)
So what have you been up to?
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katiebug92 said...

cuuute! I love how you are putting black around them. I think brown would also look good. :)

xoxo, Katie

Becky Farley said...

:) thanks gal! I thought brown too, but did one around Christmas with brown - so black won! I also thought white, but I want to frame the crocheted coins in white.

Jenn said...

I would love the iPhone, but I have only $5. I'd be willing to throw in a whale and squid as well though....:D
The granny squares are all so pretty! I love the idea of framing them for a blanket

Cat said...

This is great! I thought of doing this in white but I'm not sure. I still can't decide what to do with all mine :) Can't wait to see yours finished!!


Amber said...

First off...I love how you are framing the granny squares! They look great. Are you going to do an afghan? I think I am going to do some pillows for our "new" couch.

The geocaching app I downloaded is the official geocaching app and it is $9.99 but so worth it. It really helped us find all of the ones we did this weekend. This is what Janel uses too.

I wish I didn't know that there was a new Iphone coming out! ahhh... I seriously use mine for pretty much all my pictures. I really try to use my new camera but always use my iphone. OH... that lens for the hipstamatic is the Roboto Glitter lens. It is in the Shibuya Hipstapak add on. I think it was .99! I love it!!

I have been crocheting my giant granny square some but really need to finish it asap. I already started on another one. They are so addicting!

Curlywiggles said...

I totally love the idea of 'framing' all your granny squares, it's going to look *awesome*!

aubrey said...

Framing your granny squares in black looks great. How fun to have all different colors and yarns all jumbled together! And each square has its own little story in a way :)