Friday, July 23, 2010

bff bracelets

Yesterday, I purchased 3 friendship bracelets from Justine and her sister! 3 heart friendship bracelets for the 3 of us Farley kids (I understand I'm not a kid, but forever I will be referenced as a Farley kid to my family and friends). I cannot wait to get them in the mail then give em to my siblings!
Last night, I got a bit nostalgic and made a friendship bracelet, just for fun! I have a mess of embroidery floss, so I quickly picked colors and made one! I used my bobbin thingie to hold the bracelet! Worked out well!
The one I made was short, perfect for a tiny wrist!
You should go over to Justine's blog and get a heart bracelet!
Oh and Monday I will be having a giveaway so get excited! :)
Have a wonderful weekend!
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justinee said...

You are amazing!
We just put yours in the mail!! <3

carly. said...

i just bought two from her, with the little hearts. they are so cute, aren't they?? i use to make a million of them at the cottage...mostly simple patterns but i have/had a book somewhere that had all kinds of patterns in it! bringing the friendship bracelets back, awesome!

Sal said...

oh wow this is so weird i was thinking about these yesterday and wondered if anyone still wears/makes 'em! good to know people still do. wish I learned how to make em tho! would love to have one xo

Cherry Red Studio said...

those colors you used are so pretty together!
cant wait for your giveaway :)

Holly Knitlightly said...

I used to make tons of these up at my cottage! I loved 'em! :)

apparentlyjessy said...

I can't remember how to make friendship should totally do a tutorial!
I spy a lovely little box pouch there, pretty awesome one I think!;) I'm so glad its useful for you!

GA+E said...

ohh childhood nostalgia.... CLASSIC!

Eeffie said...

awww...I used to make those when I was little...brings back some good memories!

Emily said...

I really wanna make one of these now! Used to make them all the time!